Backspace and Delete

Backspace and Delete February 10, 2018

I’m learning. If anything my forty-something years have taught me it is to step away from battles. It’s not an easy lesson (darn Scorpio in me), and sometimes I will still respond, then take a second to review, asking if it is truly helpful and held the highest of energies. After all, we all want to be right. Right? Not everyone is receptive to listening, though, and many simply want to spew and argue – none of which is actually helpful. Then I remember that I have a mental backspace and delete and by doing so I’ve found that my anxiety level decreases and I take back my own power and inner peace.

We can allow ourselves to be torn down by others, and we can shred ourselves. Too many times running into the same wall, into the same battle, cane make you feel broken, like you can’t go on. Sadness, hurt, anxiety, depression, and an array of low level emotions shift you away from your true purpose. Was it truly worth proving a point? Was it a battle you really needed to fight? Some times, but most times not.

MEDITATION – If you feel as if you are chained by life circumstances – close your eyes and envision the heavy chains wrapped around you. You have the key. Take it and begin to slowly unlock and remove those chains. Each chain that drops, you begin to feel more like yourself and less tied down. Remember – you have the key. Don’t get lost in your pain where you lose your path. You are beautiful and you are strong, and you can overcome whatever it is you face today, tomorrow, and after.

Remember that others might try and clip your wings, but you still have your claws, and in time you will fly again if you believe. You may already be feeling the upcoming NEW MOON’s energy, which can make some people sad, some mad, and others numb. This is simply a reminder of what needs to be healed.

So during this edgy time, take some time to take some deep breaths and try to think positive, energizing thoughts. You might be facing an illness. Holding a hand of a loved one going through something tough. You might be worrying about this or that, feeling uncertain. Or angry with a loved one who hurt you. You might wonder how your bills will get paid. Or if you will even have a roof over your head next week. You might feel like you aren’t worth loving. Whatever you are going through or feeling it’s time to take a moment and fill your cup up with love and kindness for yourself. You are loved and you will get through this. And backspacing and deleting helps. I believe in you.

Kristy Robinett

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