Whispers of Love Oracle

Whispers of Love Oracle February 11, 2018

We all have intuition, but sometimes we don’t hear the whispers. During this NEW Moon phase ask your guides and angels what you need to know. Take a couple deep breaths, put your hand on your heart, and choose a card.

Which card whispers to you?

If you chose #1 – Ask for Help – This card indicates that you need to be more willing to ask for guidance, especially within the context of your love life. For instance, discuss your feelings, hopes, and dreams. Then, allow others to help you. Perhaps they’ll offer support, give advice, or even know of a potential partner among their acquaintances.

This card is a signal that you’d benefit from spending quality time with your friends. If you’re currently in a relationship, you’ll get renewed enthusiasm by having regular out­ings with good friends. If you’re single, then spending time with these special people will get you out of the house, and bring in fresh energy. Your friends may also introduce you to a wonderful romantic partner!

If you chose #2 – Show Simple Acts of Kindness – The Golden Rule asks us to treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. When you show kindness and respect to those around you, they are drawn to you as a pillar of strength. Having the courage of your convictions will get you through any challenge—great or small.

You are a very sensitive and caring soul. This is a strength, not a weakness! Don’t be afraid to show your empathy for others, while also standing up for yourself should you need to say no.

If you chose #3 – Love Who You Are – It is time to release any feelings that tell you that you are not good enough. You are truly beautiful, yet you sometimes struggle to allow this inner magnificence to show. This card asks you to become comfortable with all aspects of yourself. The angels wish you to know that you are indeed perfectly created. The more you affirm, “I am lovable. I am loved. I am loving,” the more this experience comes true for you. Affirmations help you believe spiritual truths at a deep, unconscious level. This, in turn, allows you to attract loving people, relationships, and circumstances. And you definitely deserve that!


Kristy Robinett

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