Do You Know Your Love Language?

Do You Know Your Love Language? February 13, 2018
“Do you believe a soulmate can be someone that you aren’t in love with in a romantic way?”

The question was directed to me randomly by a cashier at a local retail store.

“I do. I believe your parent, child, best friend, and even your pet can be a soulmate.”

The cashier nodded thoughtfully as she put my purchased items in a bag.

“I always had a close relationship with my mom,” she sighed. “She passed away several years ago and I miss her terribly.”

As much as I say it was a random question, I do believe spirit makes us available to others in not so random ways.

“I betcha she watches over you,” I offered, “even at work!” I could see her mom standing next to her in spirit, smiling.

Her eyes grew big. “You know I was opening the shop one day and I swear I heard someone say my name, but nobody was here. I heard it again later that day and then it dawned on me it sounded like my mom. Mom always loved to talk and it would be just like her to find her voice in heaven.”

We laughed in unison.

Many have heard of the book by Gary Chapman called The 5 Languages. If you haven’t, the book goes on to share how everyone has their own way of expressing their love – 1. Words of Affirmation, 2. Quality Time, 3. Receiving Gifts, 4. Acts of Service, and 5. Physical Touch. Some people have more than one love language, and some people have a different love language with different relationships. My dad is an Acts of Service, while my husband is a Receiving Gifts, and I am a Quality Time and Acts of Service. What I’ve found is that the spirit world have their own language as well. Some like to send butterflies, while others will touch you. Some will speak your name, while others send coins. Our soul takes the memories and personality of our earthly time. So if your sister who passed loved music, she mostly likely will send you songs on the radio. Or if your mom was on the quiet side, she won’t be obnoxious and try to spook you, but will send a subtle sign.

In our earthly relationships it is common for misunderstandings to happen because we believe our ‘love language’ is the only one and think everyone else is supposed to know what we need and and react accordingly. I hope that you will take a moment to look into what your love language might be so that you can better communicate and react to those around you, including your loved ones on the other side. It took me awhile to realize that my husband wasn’t fulfilled by me getting the car cleaned, and he didn’t understand why buying me a new sweater didn’t fulfill me. You may be getting aggravated that your loved ones here, and even on the other side, don’t understand you. Connections are all around us, and learning about ourselves often help deepen those – both on earth and on the other side.

So if you feel that your cat is your soulmate, but feel silly saying it – don’t – soulmates are all about a strong connection and there isn’t a hard and fast rule.

Wishing you love and soulmates.

Kristy Robinett
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