Thor: Tails from the Afterlife

Thor: Tails from the Afterlife March 8, 2018
Thor was rescued off the streets of Detroit as a puppy with four
other siblings. My client Donny had no interest in adopting a
puppy, especially a pit bull, but after visiting the shelter he found
himself not able to get the little brown puppy out of his mind. The next day, he was filling out the paperwork and buying puppy food.

“So, Donny, now you’re a real thug,” his best friend Josh joked. “You gonna get a mouth grill and a gun and join a gang?”

Donny growled at the stereotype, but he was surprised in the middle of the night when he woke up to Thor’s mouth around his hand. Not biting at all, but gently tugging him out of bed. Maybe he is dangerous, he thought. What if he eats my hand in the middle of the night?

But that’s not what Thor had in mind at all. He simply wanted Donny to let him outside to go potty. Where he learned the behavior was unknown to Donny, but no matter how much he tried to dissuade it, Thor continued, never once breaking skin.

It was excruciating to Donny when he lost Thor, but Donny saved his life by loving him and in the afterlife he ended up saving Donny.

Read about Donny and Thor, along with more stories in ‘Tails from the Afterlife.” Now available on Kindle.

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