Spirit Visitors

Spirit Visitors April 24, 2018

You might’ve noticed I haven’t been doing as many gallery sessions (Supper with the Spirits). There are several reasons why, one of the biggest reasons is that I feel awful that participants leave sad because they didn’t get a message. Yes, I forewarn everyone that will happen, but it makes me sad nonetheless. Then there’s the lack of sleep for several nights after as if the spirits sense my vulnerability to people pleasing and take advantage of that by standing in line for a roll call. I much prefer one-on-one sessions, but I do gallery sessions to help give a taste of heaven. It’s never for entertainment only purposes, although the spirit world does want us to laugh, I take my connection to the spirit world extremely serious. During the gallery sessions I allow myself to be guided by the spirits. It’s as if they grab my hand and take all of my attention. I hardly pay attention to the people who are there (sorry) and afterwards I’m often depleted, leaving pieces of myself somewhere in between this and that world. Here are my visitors. I have no other information than what I share below. Visitors last night:

Delores – An infectious energy, she kept showing me pictures of her family and was so sad that they were so sad. April seemed to be an important month, She said she went to bed and woke up on the other side. She didn’t seem to be gone for long, and wanted me to share that she was okay. She was getting adjusted, but her angels told her there was definitely BINGO in heaven that would keep her busy.

Michael – Was in his early 60’s and was diagnosed with abdominal cancer on a fluke visit to the doctor. He said he fought a hard and short battle, but later succumbed to hospice. A smart man, but he was a worrier. He had a lab/golden retriever type dog with him.

Lisa – Showed that she’d recently passed away and showed me Valentine’s Day (so something connected to February). She showed me 80’s hair and hair bands as being her fun times. She wanted me to tell her husband and kids how much she loved them.

Frank – He just kept saying that he had 4 kids and loved being a dad.

Betty – Betty with the brown eyes, she told me. She was smart as a whip, and didn’t take bull crap. Spoke the truth, was honest to a fault, but cared deeply. She stood next to her husband who she loved. She didn’t have an easy childhood, and worked hard. She was happy to finally see her mom and dad again. She said she had severe arthritis that could be debilitating, but didn’t let that stop her from living.

John – UAW all the way. He worked in a factory and was very proud of his blue collar roots that he passed along to his kids. He may have been named after his dad or had a son named after him but they weren’t a Senior or a Junior. He said he passed from a myriad of health issues.

Vera – A beautifully spirited lady with sparkling eyes and white hair. She showed that she had something neurologically going on with her before her passing (stroke/Alzheimer’s). In our visit she took me to a garden and had me sit there as if she was more concerned with me resting then her getting a message through.

Roland – What a character. He said he passed suddenly, whatever that entails for suddenly at 80 (his words). He said he passed from a sudden heart attack. His sense of humor, however, was to mask his missing of his kids, though. He showed me a large group of friends, a cabin up north, and a wedding ring that shined (he loves his wife).

Jessica – She told me that she was always sad, even as a child, and life was tough. She succumbed to alcohol and finally to drugs and although her passing was accidental, she felt guilty for putting herself and her family through everything. She said it was a slow suicide that she knew her family watched helplessly. She was learning, she said. She held a baby in her arms, that felt like a baby of a sibling (possibly a miscarriage).

Others who told me their name but no other information.

  • Frannie/Fannie
  • Ruth
  • Frank (another Frank)

Each one of us have the opportunity to make the connection, we just have to see the signs all around.

I love my job, but I don’t always love what I see or hear. There’s so much pain in this world and I do my best to help through the connections I make, but there are no magic wands to make it all better. Every one has to take their own baby steps and trust that even if they fall they can get back up. My days and nights are often long and I do miss spending time at home, but to those who schedule appointments or attend my events – thank you for allowing me the opportunity to spend the time with you and your loved ones on the other side. I believe in you all.



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