I’ve Got This – I Always Do

I’ve Got This – I Always Do April 20, 2018

Since I was a little girl all I’ve ever wanted to do was to be a writer. When I got my first book deal I felt unstoppable, completely unaware how much went into being an author that extended far beyond writing. Some projects are more difficult than others to write. Some are written through tears, frustration, exhaustion, and a lot of soul exposure, but I still believe writing is part of the tapestry of my soul.

If you follow me on social media you know that I have a tendency to add more to my plate than I should. It’s something that I’ve done since a child; never wanting to be seen as lazy, I suppose. I’ve gotten better at boundaries, though, as hard as they are to keep, but knowing all too well it can take a toll.

This week showed me all of life’s anger. With a full week of clients and writing deadlines, my dad took a bad fall which landed him in the ICU.  A big egg on the back of his head, a concussion, a brain bleed, and a scary couple days, I sat there in the hospital feeling helpless. Dad wasn’t allowed to sleep, so he’d fall asleep and the nurse or I would have to wake him. He couldn’t eat or drink for fear that he’d have to be rushed into surgery and he told me just to let him die. {He wanted some coffee THAT bad}. We got him home only a day later, but he’s to be supervised {by me} because he’s light headed and still concussed. Unfortunately he’s 80 year old going on 5 years old and doesn’t understand {this is typically him and he’s bright, just stubborn} why he doesn’t just feel better now.

But life doesn’t stop. I still have to go to the office, then add on a half a dozen phone calls from him and his physicians in between clients. My husky and kitty got sick. Real sick. I had a sleep study (which means you don’t really sleep at all). And those projects that were due? They are still sitting on my desk because I don’t trust my capabilities from soul exhaustion.  And I have a dozen phone calls from well meaning friends asking me why I’m not calling or texting them back. Friends frustrated that I don’t have time to go to lunch with them, and siblings texting me for updates. But I had to keep boundaries, say no, and keep it together.

Well meaning people have offered advice from take a vacation to asking why a sibling can’t step in to pointing out that it’s pouring on me. But a vacation isn’t doable with my life. In fact it would make for more work and coming back to more work. And yes, I do know that I’ve been tried this week, but I also know we all are tried at one point or another. I’m going to pretend that I’ve got this. And I do. I always have.

So when you see someone looking a bit ragged, going through their rain showers of life, take your umbrella and cover them. I’m grateful for a best friend and husband who stands in the rain with me. We’ve got this. We always do. Thanks for the love and support, and those who’ve respected my need for boundaries.

I believe in you.


Kristy Robinett (Michigan) is a revolutionary psychic medium, international author, and inspirational speaker. In addition to giving readings and teaching workshops, she uses her psychic skills to assist with police investigations. Kristy lectures across the country and is a frequent media commentator, appearing on the ID Channel’s Restless SoulsFox NewsABC NewsCoast to Coast, and more. Kristy Robinett is also the author of several books, including Tails from the Afterlife: Stories of Signs, Messages, and Inspiration from your Companion Animals (Llewellyn, March 2018); Messages From a Wonderful Afterlife: Signs Loved Ones Send from Beyond; It’s a Wonderful Afterlife: Inspiring True Stories from a Psychic Medium; Forevermore: Guided in Spirit by Edgar Allan Poe; Messenger Between Worlds: True Stories from a Psychic Medium; Higher Intuitions Oracle; Ghosts of Southeast Michigan; and Michigan’s Haunted Legends and Lore.Visit her online at KristyRobinett.com.

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