Confessions of an Empath

Confessions of an Empath April 15, 2018

I have a confession. I’m an empath. Yes, I also have empathy, but being an empath is actually different. Everybody can have empathy, but not everyone is an empath.

An empath feels everything deeply. They are compassionate, understanding, and overly considerate. A look can sometimes be as painful as a physical punch, as can witnessing something embarrassing or violent – even if just from seeing it on television or reading it.

For years I’ve had others tell me to stop being so sensitive, and that is like telling someone with blue eyes to stop having blue eyes – being an empath is part of the emotional wiring.

Signs of an Empath

  1. Because of that giving nature of an empath, they have a tendency to be their own worst enemy.
  2. An empth often attracts the users of the world.
  3. An empath might believe that their feelings aren’t important.
  4. An empath might believe that being sensitive isn’t a super power, but harsh Krypton.
  5. An empath often loses pieces of oneself, feeling as with every step shards they are stepping on shards of glass, not and although incredibly intuitive, is afraid to move forward.
  6. An empath often forgets that being happy is okay, and it is up to them to make their happily ever after happen.
  7. An empath feels guilty when they are angry, sad, mad, and often apologizes for how they feel.
  8. An empath spends so much time absorbing every one else’s emotions that it manipulates them into thinking its all theirs, when most all of it isn’t theirs to carry at all.

I used to say ‘I’m sorry’ hundreds of times a day, for silly things I had no control over. I’ve learned over time to balance the empath in me, but that isn’t always possible.

Some interpret the sensitivity of an empath as being negative . The tears or sadness is rarely negativity, it is communicating and releasing the residue of energy.

Being a business owner, empath, and healer can sometimes be difficult. The only way to get through mostt days is by faithing through it. For instance – I actually care about my clients and what’s going on in their lives. I feel the pain of their losses. I grieve their job loss, or breakup, and I often say I wish I had a magic wand to make it all better. When someone unsubscribes from my newsletter, or sends through a complaint, I try to remember our last session to see if I did or said something wrong (I don’t keep a client file so that if there’s another session everything is organic), beating myself up until I release the energy. There are times I want to send through a message or email to check in (no, I’m not a mind-reader and just no), but I don’t want to blur the professional lines and I don’t want my clients to think I’m trying to get information from them. So I send them love and good energy when their name pops into my thoughts.

Because I feel everything I tend to be more of a loner than you think. I’d rather go out with my besties than go to a party with strangers. Can I chat up the strangers? Yes. Do I want to? No. Sitting at a table with my books to sign them, or speaking in front of a crowd, can sometimes be painful. Picking up the phone and calling a stranger takes courage. I love people, but people have energy and sometimes it can be overwhelming.

My husband tells me to stop reading his thoughts. I don’t read his thoughts, but I do feel his thoughts. He can be mad at something and tell me that he’s not mad, but if I feel the mad then I know he’s fibbing – and fibbing even hurts. It’s an empath thing.

Most days I’d rather hide away in my homestead, watch Hallmark all day, create something beautiful, wear comfy clothes, and drink sweet tea.

Being an empath isn’t something horrible. We are the safe havens for those that need it. We are the best secret keepers, and we keep the Kleenex companies in business.

Kristy Robinett

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