The Universe Has Your Back

The Universe Has Your Back April 13, 2018
“I am so frustrated. You can’t possibly be where you are,” my client yelled at me through the phone.

For some reason when people put in my work address it changes the city to Milford from Highland, taking them either to a field by a local Metro park or down a dead end street. My client was sitting staring at a field, crying into the phone and yelling that I must not know where my own office is.

“Forget it. I’m turning around and going home,” she cried, exasperated.

After calming her down and reassuring her that there must be a reason she was on a wild goose chase, I helped guide her to the road.

“Oh. Oh,” I heard her yelp. “There’s a terrible accident. Hold on, I have to pull over.”

I could hear the emergency sirens ring out and I as I always do, I said some prayers for those involved.

Ten minutes later and my client was in my office, shaken and crying.

“Kristy, that could’ve been me. I think that would’ve been me.”

Now do we know that for sure? No, but it wasn’t her. It unfortunately was an accident that ended in a fatality.

When my husband yells that the car in front of us is going too slow, I tell him that our angels are just protecting us from something we might never know. He of course rolls his eyes, but we’ve had that validated more times than not.

There’s so much behind the scenes details that we rarely see, but if we allow it, the Universe does have our back.

I believe in you.

Kristy Robinett
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