Blooming Intuition

Blooming Intuition July 10, 2018

We all have intuition, but the buzz of the outside world can muffle it. Below are three blooms – which one do you feel urged to pick? Each flower reveals a message from your guides/angels to help you through this new moon energy.

Which flower draws you in?



If you chose #1 – SUNFLOWER – The sunflower stands tall in the garden and is often gifted to us by nature, dropped by birds  When the head of a sunflower is ripe, you can remove the seeds by either rubbing them out or by laying them on a sheet on the floor and hitting them with a stick or (clean) broom. You dry them for another week and then can eat them. The interesting thing is the sunflower is strong and even when cutting the heads off, they simply regrow more blooms.

If you chose the SUNFLOWER you are so strong and maybe don’t even know it. With every obstacle you come back stronger. This New Moon phase asks that you remember how resilient you truly are. There’s a shift that is about to happen to help ease the stressful energy. The next month you might want to some time for a runaway trip – explore the unexpected and simply lose yourself down a dirt road.

If you chose #2 – LAVENDER – The lavender looks like a delicate flower, but is quite tough and grows hardy in the heat. Rubbing the blooms together or boiling them, releases a peaceful scent.

The lavender resides in the realms of healing, easing of tension, higher consciousness and the release of energy blockages and so if you chose LAVENDER, you are a healer. You are a creative energy and you often sacrifice your energy for others and forget to take time out for yourself. This New Moon phase asks that you remember your creative self again. It may be time for you to receive and remember that balance helps you give more and more often when you fill your own cup up. Your intuition is also in overload so listen to the whispers.

If you chose #3 – ROSE – The rose offers a message of rebirth and renewal. The rose can stand for ‘I’m sorry’ to ‘I love you’. The rose’s thorns says that you’ve been hurt before and have put up some boundaries, and have been almost too routine as of late, afraid to make changes.

If you chose the ROSE you are aching for understanding and have felt a bit lost over the past couple months. The old soul in you is tired and may be looking for guidance, more love, more life, and aching to see more light in your life and even in the world. This New Moon phase reminds you that your guidance is within and even though there’s been darkness, there’s always a light there even if it’s dim. It’s time to look within and explore your inner child, to find simple happiness which may come from accepting the apologies even though not said, and love deeply. The thorns may have drawn blood, but you can let the wounds heal forever now.

I believe in you,

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