Christmas in July

Christmas in July July 22, 2018
It’s rare that I get a completely free day, but here I am sitting on the couch in comfy clothes while the rain pelts down on the pond with a cool breeze blowing through the open screen door. A Hallmark Christmas movies is playing on the television for background noise, although it is very apropos, seeing as I feel I’m in a like Christmas countdown mode with the upcoming book release and the soon graduation of my son from the Army. I think my family is looking most forward to the graduation of boot camp so I won’t be so emotional and obsessed with social media updates they share with the parents that mostly just cause more anxiety than anything. The problem with any countdowns is that we lose the moments of the now. The last 9 weeks for me have mostly included my cell phone being attached to me morning, noon, and night.

What happens when we are so caught up in the what next creates anxiety, frustration, worry, and fear. One of my favorite ways to break the cycle is meditation. I have a meditation that I do every night. I sit on the beach and I write down all my worries and put them in a basket where I allow a bird to come up and carry the basket and all of my stress over to the other side to heal. Let me tell you that I’m sure my spirit bird is exhausted.

Other ways to stay in the now is to simply close your eyes and breath, paying attention to every breathe you take. It’s proven that living in the now reduces stress. Stopping to the smell the roses is cliché, but helpful in re-setting your soul and re-discovering your gratitude.

It’s not always possible, I know that the most, but if you sense yourself heading into a spin, it’s up to you to stop. I’m sure my spirit bird has friends.

I believe in you.
Kristy Robinett

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