Super Moon Oracle

Super Moon Oracle July 25, 2018

The thunder moon is filled with rumblings of big storms of emotion. The Full Moon of July 27 at 4:21 p.m. EDT shows up in the astrological sign of Aquarius and it may have you feeling sad and questioning your life intentions, including all who are around you – friends, co-workers, work, spouse, etc. and wondering where you are going. With Mercury in retrograde, an eclipse and the super moon you may just be feeling anxious, worried, and an overall energy wobble. It’s time to focus that frustration and fretting into action.

With the moon being in the sign of AQUARIUS you will more than likely want to feel free; free from relationships that aren’t working, friendships that are stifled and situations that are making you feel uncomfortable. Over the next couple of days you may feel as if someone or some situation has been strangling you and you will no longer take it.

The POSITIVES (what to embrace during this time):
Pursuing your INVENTIVE ideas

The NEGATIVES (what to avoid during this time):
Being OVERLY emotional

Soul Work during this time:

Look at ways to improve your life
Look at ways to improve your social circle
Sign up for a class/gym/organization
Look at ways to improve your work/career
Start a journal (helps with opening up communication)

You’ve probably been feeling the moon energy for a couple days. Some feel energized, others agitated. Anything that is in disharmony will feel abrasive. This moon gives you the opportunity to clear away the emotional baggage of the year. Any unfulfilled dreams or wishes may be making you feel wistful and frustrated. The good thing is this full moon offers you the opportunity to reinvent yourself or give sail to your dreams.

On July 27th lay out your crystals to recharge in the moonlight. This is also a great time to smudge your home, office, car and even your social media pages. Out with the uck, in with the best.

To help find your balance – Take some deep breathes and ask your angels and guides what message you need to know to help you along your path, and choose a number.

Which card calls out to you? You might hear a number, or one looks different to you. You might just have a knowing. However your intuition nudges you, know that the message is for you.

If you chose #1 – The key to getting what I want is to ask for it. When we pinpoint our own wants—not the wants of anyone else or what we think society will approve of—we give ourselves the ability to achieve. Not only is it liberating, it’s simplifies our life. But what is it that you want? Frequently, what’s holding us back is fear of the rejection. You are brave and you can take on your path in a fearless way. You won’t get a yes without asking, and for every no you are just closer to your yes. A vision often helps as well. Creating that vision helps to align you to what you want to manifest.

If you chose 2 – If I want to feel supported I must support myself. So often we wait for someone to swoop in and save us and then feel disappointed when it doesn’t happen. This message reminds you that you must be your own superhero and take your own action. It doesn’t mean there won’t be other team members to assist you, but this is up to you to figure out. And never forget your guides, angels, and loved ones have your back even if you don’t see, feel, or hear them.

If you chose #3 – I welcome abundance and I will pay attention to the guidance I receive. It’s time for you to recognize that wealth is attainable and you are receiving signs along your journey. Want another job? It’s yours if you look. Want the abundance of love? Okay. More financial freedom? Got it. Abundance of health? Yep. The thing about abundance is it’s within everyone. Being clear about your goals and your desires is the first step to gain abundance. Take a few moments each day and envision abundance all around you.

If you chose #4 – I make time to recharge my battery. The world needs my energetic light. Have you been feeling and/or exhausted? You don’t have to be constantly on the go. Spend a little time each day or each week doing something you enjoy that is completely frivolous and fun. It could just be an afternoon laying in the hammock, reading a book, watching your favorite old movie or playing with the kids. This is the time to restore your spirit.

Kristy Robinett is a professional psychic medium. In addition to giving readings and teaching workshops, she uses her psychic skills to assist with police investigations. Kristy lectures across the country and has appeared on Fox News, ABC News, and Coast to Coast. She is also the author of It’s a Wonderful Afterlife, Forevermore, Messenger Between Worlds: True Stories from a Psychic Medium, Higher Intuitions Oracle, Ghosts of Southeast Michigan and Michigan’s Haunted Legends and Lore. Visit her online at


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