August Full Moon

August Full Moon August 26, 2018

Full Moon energy is used for banishing unwanted influences in your life and releasing what isn’t working. We begin this week with a Full Moon and this moon has us expecting the unexpected. You’ve probably been feeling the moon energy for a couple days already. Some feel energized, others agitated. Anything that is in disharmony will feel abrasive. This moon gives you the opportunity to clear away the emotional baggage of this year. Any unfulfilled dreams or wishes may be making you feel wistful and frustrated. The good thing is this full moon offers you the opportunity to reinvent yourself or give sail to your dreams.

The next couple days pay attention to the lessons that are being revealed to you. These are messages to release, not analyze and obsess over. This insight is to help you heal, release, and move forward. Be careful to not get caught up in those who want to cause drama and trip you as you journey through your own healing.

With the moon visiting the sign of PISCES, it can awaken your intuitive side. Dreams might be a bit more intense, with symbolism and messages that you need to pay close attention to. Your animals may react to things unseen. You may feel like you’ve just had it, burned out with life and then some. There are positives, though – the Piscean Moon spotlights the creativity, fun and romantic personality within you. You might notice yourself feeling lazy {relaxed} and not wanting to do anything but daydream, nap, read a book, play on Facebook, etc. Past drama might be trudged up in your mind and a feeling of being unjustified. This is when it is a good time to not just push that aside, but throw it away and realize that the past is the past and the hands of the clock go forward, not back.

The POSITIVES (what to embrace during this time):

-Embrace your CREATIVE side
– ROMANCE is in the air
– Pursue your INVENTIVE ideas

The NEGATIVES (what to avoid during this time):

  • Being OVERLY emotional
  • Being LAZY
  • Being STUBBORN
  • Festering in PAST issues
  • Don’t OVERSPEND – balance your monies
  • Severe weather issues
  • National issues

Soul Work during this time:

  • Look at ways to improve your career (are you over complicating it?)
  • Look at ways to improve your love life
  • Write a letter to the person you are most upset/disappointed with (it could even be you). And then rip it up or burn it.
  • Light some candles and sit down and write (or start) a journal. It will help you with inner honesty.
  • Look at creative projects that you would like to pursue (even if it is just looking at paint swatches for a new bedroom paint color)
  • Send back misfortunes to the person you feel has sent it your way. Light a white candle in front of small mirror and dab the four corners of the mirror with vinegar. With the mirror reflecting the flame you can call on your guides and angels and simply say something like, “With the help of the full moon, make ______ realize soon that any harm or misery cursed be returned and reversed.” You are not sending harm to that person, you are simply returning what was done to you.

    Kristy Robinett

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