You Are THE Gift

You Are THE Gift December 25, 2018
I’m still sitting in pajamas, with a big pot of chicken noodle soup simmering on the stove. The subtle smell of pine wafts through the air reminding me that today is Christmas. My dad is laying in his recliner, recovering from a hip fracture. He has his Christmas present snoozing in his lap – the most adorable Golden Retriever pup. My kids have all left for their dad’s house and Chuck is getting ready to go to his mom’s house and spend Christmas with her and his kids. This will be the first year since we met that we haven’t spent Christmas together. For a bit I was sad, but what has to be done has to be done and my dad needs me.

Many of you have already opened your gifts and the diamonds are sparkling, the clothes are crisp and new, and the electronics are plugged in and charging. This year taught me what the best gift is – time and experiences. It is YOU that is the best gift ever. By offering your attention and your compassion, your time and your love  – being present is the best present.

During the holidays we often mourn what we don’t have or what we can’t give. Going down the road of the past doesn’t lead to the now or the future, though. So on this Christmas morning I offer you a lesson that I learned from my own past; recent and forever ago. No matter your situation you might not see the gifts around you, but take in the experience with open eyes (and some Kleenex next to you is okay too). It may seem like the worst holiday or the saddest one, but know that there are insights to be gained within them. And for those who are having the most perfect Christmas – send those higher thoughts and prayers to those who might be sad, because even your littlest boost of energy may help someone get through this holiday. Be the light. Be the gift that you are.

I believe in you. From our home to yours I wish you a magical holiday and an even more magical 2019.

I believe in you,
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