Announcing the Birth of…a Book

Announcing the Birth of…a Book November 7, 2019
Writing a book is only the beginning – the conception, if you will. The hard work begins when the book is birthed on release day, which for “Born Under a Good Sign” is Friday, November 8th. Release day is daunting and exhausting, much like holding a newborn for the first time. There’s publicity and pictures. Everyone is interested the first couple days and then like the society we live in, everyone moves on to the next newest thing. Then there’s also post-partum book release from the stress of trying to do the best launch as possible, then beating yourself up wondering if you truly did the best. There’s also others who tell you through reviews you could’ve done better, but you try not to look at those. Try being the key word.

I’m not sure if you know this about me, but I’m actually very shy. No, honest. It takes all of my energy to get in front of a crowd. To do an interview. To hold out a “baby” to be judged, and make myself vulnerable. It’s scary. The other side of it is excitement. I’m excited to share with you guidance. That is what I hope this new baby does for you. Whether you are into the zodiac, horoscopes, or astrology – this is a fun book to explore with your family and to help discover ways to communicate with one another. Or discover why you can’t communicate with one another.

This is release week, which means I’m taping a bunch of radio shows and will probably be even more obnoxious promoting the book on social media. Hey, have you been following me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter? Friday, November 8th I’ll be joining Coast to Coast (listen here) from 3 am – 5 am Eastern, and then watch me in studio at Fox 2 – The Nine.

I wish you a week of magic and miracles. I believe in you. And please send me some good thoughts – or maybe it’s my husband that needs it since I’ve been a ball of nervous energy.

I believe in you,

Kristy Robinett
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