November Oracle

November Oracle November 10, 2019

Oracle Cards are an excellent way to listen to your guides and your higher self, and sort through the confusion. We are bombarded by real life that we forget to take a minute to tune in. Oracle can help reassure. They can help renew  and they can help remind you of your inner strength. Below are 4 Oracle cards from the Higher Intuitions Oracle. The backs are all the same, but by using your intuition choose one of the cards that calls most to you. There’s no magic in this, just simply trusting your gut. So take a deep breathe in and out, don’t second guess yourself, and choose. Which card speaks most to you?



Which card did you choose?

If you chose Card #1 – Dragonfly – Dragonfly reminds you that there is beauty within simple things, and passion helps to lift the flight. Now is the time for you to reward yourself for every accomplishment, small or large.

Shed the sadness from your soul and spirit so that you can see through the illusion you have created that doesn’t fit the real you.

Pick up some motivational novels, stories, autobiographies, etc. and feel the shift within your vibration.  Paste sticky notes around your house, desk, mirror and even your car that have inspirational quotes on them. Share your wishes and dreams with your family and/or friends.

Dragonflies can often be found around water sources and so they represent the strong emotion with you. Write a letter to yourself forgiving yourself for all the times you felt you have failed, and, then, add all of the accomplishments that you have had and want to complete. It is time to be your true self, the one that you were born to be.

Dragonflies come in many different colors and are often seen as magical. One moment their color may look green, the next blue. The message behind the Dragonfly is that sometimes life isn’t at all what it appears to be. See through the illusion that either yourself or someone else in your life is trying to portray.

If you chose Card #2 – Pegasus – If you have chosen Pegasus, this is the time for you to soar– take charge of your creations and release the shackles from your spirit and soul. No, it won’t be easy, it takes time and it takes patience with yourself, but I believe in you. Isn’t it time to dream big?

Next time you are in a hurry, or in your own world, and receive an interruption know that sometimes it might be heaven-sent. So many people withdraw into themselves and put up walls. The hurt from the past makes it easy to do. It’s easy to smile or compliment a stranger or ask an elderly neighbor if you can pick up something for them from the store, or maybe even surprising someone with an ice cream cone. You don’t need wings to be an angel, or a Pegasus, just the mindset.

Pegasus tells you that you’ve been looking too hard at the magic in your life when it is right there. It’s the small gestures sometimes that help another find their wings.  Wings that were there the whole time. It could simply be a smile to a stranger, or fresh cut flowers delivered to an elderly neighbor.  It might be delivering coffee to a coworker, or cutting the grass of a sick friend.  We all have wings and we all have the ability to soar to any height that we want, but often times we make the conscious choice to put them away and even when we take them out we our destination. Pegasus knows that it helps to have a cheering section as you soar, and know that he is just that.

Remember that you are a beautiful and wonderful soul that deserves the best. Even through dark times, know that once your find your wings, you’ll find the light again. The hardest part is to take that leap and then you’ll soar

If you chose Card #3 – Bear – Bear reminds you that you’ve been hibernating and hiding from your passions and your own true self for far too long. Now is the time to open your mind, heart and soul and see with all of your senses, but most importantly with your sixth sense.

Spend some time each morning journaling and listening to your heart. Release the fears and only hear the love and what you want out of that love. The fears only prevent you from crawling out of the cave and they cause you to be grumpy and negative. Bear says that it is your time of awakening. Maybe you have always wanted to write a book, or pick up an instrument, or learn how to knit. Maybe you have been afraid to sign up for a class because you have been caught within the web of fear for so long that you forgot how good it felt to stretch and feel the love that is around you and the love that you create within you. No matter what speaks to your soul, release the fear and allow Bear to stand beside you and assist you with your awakening. Don’t allow your limited view to bring about the fear because you are on the verge of something great. Push the fear aside and feel the awakening bubbling up within you.

Bear may be telling you that you need a good, sound sleep, one that is undisturbed and restful. Once you awaken from that sleep, you will feel refreshed and ready to take on the world.

Bears are resourceful before, during and after their hibernation. Bear wants to teach you too to be resourceful with your life. Are you purchasing too much food at the store that is going unused? Or it could be that your closet is filled with clothes that you haven’t worn in years. Bear says it is time to simplify.

If you chose Card #4 – Raccoon – Raccoon tells you that you are hiding from your true self. All too often we lose our identity. It can be connected to career, love relationships and even friendships. Relationships are a mirror of who you are at the time. If your self-esteem is low and sad, you will attract the same. On the outside the person or situation may be perceived as the life of the party, but inside they are crying with confusion.  It is never good to create relationships out of illusions and treat them as a patch or a quick fix for what you don’t have in your life. They are supposed to be a compliment to who you are and help you grow – both of you, or all of you if taking it in the context of friends, coworkers or career! Now that doesn’t mean hermit yourself away until you figure it all out, it means that you need to work to heal yourself and become the person that you want to be. Be the person that want in your life.

No matter what disappointment you have had in your life, you cannot forget to celebrate who you are. When that job promotion doesn’t come through or the person who you hoped was the love of your life just leaves, it is easy to get caught up in the negativity of despair, but it means that you aren’t in the right spot in your life to attract what you want – so take the time to change that.


I believe in you!

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