Discovering Your Passion

Discovering Your Passion November 19, 2019

Mars enters Scorpio today (November 19–January 3, 2020), which can feel draining to some. Yet it helps to remind you to slow down and realign your passions. To find Mars Sign Table click here. Then click here to learn more about YOU according to your Mars Sign.

Many have lost their passion along life’s very busy highway. Many have replaced their passion with helping other’s find their passion – so is that maybe their passion? This time period is an amazing time to experience your spiritual awakening, but there’s also a crushing reminder that nobody is coming to save you. There’s no Prince Charming. It’s on you to battle through your identity. What you want to do with your life. Who you want to become. And if you want to stop along the highway and savor the journey and stop rushing for the destination.


  1. Every single decision and chore feel heavy.
  2. You question everything in your life and feel lost.
  3. You are sensitive to negative people.
  4. You know that there’s more than what you are doing, you just don’t know what.
  5. You feel alone, and you just want to be alone.
  6. You’re tired, but sleep doesn’t come and when it does you wake up in the middle of then night.
  7. Your dreams are vivid and often confusing.
  8. Chakra ailments – from stomach issues to vertigo to body aches to infections, headaches, backaches, etc.
  9. A strong feeling to de-clutter your life.
  10. Tired of anything that isn’t authentic.
So how do we birth ourselves on the other side of the awakening?
– With self care work.
– Taking time to stop and smell the roses.
–  Letting go of the guilt.
–  Knowing that we sparkle, and not in a pretty vampire way.
–  Choosing better people to surround ourselves with.
–  Creating boundaries with the ones that are draining us.
–  Listening to our intuition and following through.
–  Trusting our gut instincts.
–  Being the main character in our own story.
–  Stop being minor roles in others.

–  Believing your life is worth it.

Passion is easy to lose as the world digs its nails in, but it can be found and re-found. What makes your soul sparkle?

I believe in you,
Kristy Robinett

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