New Moon in Fab Sag

New Moon in Fab Sag November 26, 2019

Happy New Moon! The Moon is in Sagittarius on TUESDAY, November 26, 2019 at 10:06 am EST.

New moons are your time to manifest what you want in your life and this astrological time is a special gift. This is a time to have self-confidence and go after what calls to you even if you don’t know how it will happen. It is a time of taking chances, having faith and believing! It’s a time to stick up for yourself, stop being passive, and speak your truths.  This moon in particular is best for:

  • Travel or scheduling travel
  • Exploring new perspectives and ideas
  • Registering or attending a new class
  • New romantic endeavors
  • Being curious
  • Meeting new people
  • Believing and following through on your flashes of intuition and insight
  • Staying optimistic and centered, but not naive
  • Buying stocks/investing
  • Taking a course on money
  • Writing a will
  • Figuring out financial issues with an expert
  • Adjust the types of people you keep within your circle (including on Facebook)

Here are some good “exercises” for you to do up to 8 hours after the NEW MOON’s arrival.


  • Each month on the new moon write up a list of 10 wishes. It can be anything from romance to finances and anything in between.
  • Don’t write more than 10 wishes AND hand write (don’t type, it makes it more personable).
  • Try to make your wish list within the first eight hours of the new moon, and not when the moon is void because your wishes become null and void.
  •  If you miss the first eight hours, you can still make your wish list within the first 48 hours of the new moon.

Writing an Abundance Check is an exercise you can use to create more abundance in your life and the check is to be written within 24 hours of each New Moon.

  • On your check where it says “Pay to,” write your name.
  • On the same line where you would fill in a dollar amount write “Paid in full.”
  • On the next line where you would write out a dollar amount, write “Paid in full.” [Some say it works better if you don’t add the squiggly line.]
  • On the signature line, sign your check: “The Law of Abundance”
  • If you don’t have checks, or don’t; want to waste one, you can simply create a handwritten one.
  • It is not necessary to put a date on the check (although I do). DO NOT write a specific dollar amount on the check. Then put the check away in a safe place and forget about it. You might even want to burn it on the Full Moon (I will get to that on the next Full Moon).
  • Allow the Universe to take over from there. Yep, that silly control thing. Let it go!

Embrace the power of the New Moon to manifest what your heart desires. Always believe something wonderful is about to happen!

Kristy Robinett

Kristy Robinett  is a professional psychic medium. In addition to giving readings and teaching workshops, she uses her psychic skills to assist with police investigations. Kristy lectures across the country and has appeared on Fox NewsABC News, and Coast to Coast. She is also the author of Born Under a Good SignIt’s a Wonderful Afterlife, Forevermore,  Messenger Between Worlds: True Stories from a Psychic MediumHigher Intuitions OracleGhosts of Southeast Michigan and Michigan’s Haunted Legends and Lore. Visit her online at

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