February Full Moon Insight

February Full Moon Insight February 9, 2020

Below are 6 cards from the Higher Intuitions Oracle. The backs are all the same, but by using your intuition choose one of the cards that calls most to you. Take a deep breathe in and out. Don’t second guess yourself – just choose. This upcoming Full Moon suggests that there are upcoming changes and the time and energy that you spend on manifesting will help to set the theme for this year. Take a second, close your eyes, deep breathes, and then ask what you are supposed to know that will help you on this 2020 journey. Feel free to share with friends and family. What card did you choose?

Your card is.



Your card meanings are here below:



If you chose card #1 – HEDGEHOG – LET IT BE – Hedgehog reminds you to stop putting so much fear into your life and, instead, to just let it be. Sometimes when you give your issue breathing room, it corrects itself. When we experience fear or frustration, we immediately tense up our body, mind and spirit which hinders the flow of what we do want to come to us, and we begin to visualize everything that we don’t want instead of what we do. Shift your thoughts to what you want, not what you don’t. There is a lesson in every life test, even though it can be painful.  By being grateful, instead of angry, the weight of the emotion will begin to gently heal and release itself from your grip. Therefore, if you are experiencing frustration or fear with any aspect of your life; career, money, love, etc, take a few moments a day visualizing how you want that area to look. When you begin to say negative things, “I will never have money to do the things I want,” say ‘stop’ and then repeat what you do want – “I have enough money to do the things that I want.” It takes some training, but, before you know it, the things you don’t want will begin to stop happening, and the things that you do want will start flowing.

You can’t hitchhike on someone else’s life, and, if you do, you might just get pricked. Instead you must find your own way and do the work yourself. There is always someone there to help light the lantern, but it is you that must keep the flame lit. Always know that there are those that believe in you. With every dream accomplished, or even a dream failed, remember that the most important thing is for you to continually dream the dream no matter what.

If you chose card #2 – VULTURE – EYE ON THE PRIZE – Vulture tells you that you have waited long enough to gain the life that you want. You have spent wasted time looking at what everyone else has and spending too much time wishing instead of doing. It is now time for you to create short term goals, along with long term goals. Make yourself accountable by writing your goals down, it helps to keep the vision of what you want in clear sight. Pick up projects from the past and make the effort to finish them. Completion helps to open the doors for new projects instead of cluttering the path. These projects can be as little as rearranging your cabinets to cleaning the garage to sparkling up your resume and sending it out.

Spend some time reflecting on the past year(s) and bringing about conclusions. Think of it as the time the farmers harvest their crops and prepare the land for the next season.  You too have to prepare your mind, body and soul for the same. Visualize what you want to happen and then keep your eye on the final prize.

If you chose card #3 – CAT – INDEPENDENCE – If you have chosen Cat this is a strong message that you are to look at where in your life you are relying too heavily on another. Cat tells you that you are intelligent and clever enough to walk your path alone.

If you just received a new job or a job promotion, you may feel that you are walking unsteadily, but Cat tells you that you are not giving yourself enough credit. With regards to relationships, Cat tells you that you need to look at the balance of the relationship. Have you been letting your partner take the lead and make the decisions without your input? If so, it is time to re-balance the relationship.

Cats have always been associated with mystery and the supernatural. It was once believed that cats were demons or spirits and witches used them as their familiars. They can sometimes be unpredictable and sneaky. You may be interested in the supernatural or occult. Cat tells you to research and learn. Cats are also associated with healers and healing with their calming purrs being used on a vibrational level as healing. Cat may be telling you are in need of some healing. You can either snuggle with a cat or kitten, but if you aren’t fond of the creatures, you can use massage, meditation or acupuncture. Or you may simply just need a cat-nap. Cats are also nocturnal and since many are afraid of the darkness, Cat tells you that it is time for you to look within at the deep and dark fears that you have suppressed.

If you chose card #4 – MOOSE – BALANCE –  Moose tells you that it is time to realign your purpose. By looking within and what you are doing outwardly, you will begin to see where you need to re-calibrate your life. Balance is key to enjoying your life, but many times it is lacking. You may feel as if you are on a teeter totter; sometimes your moods are up and sometimes your moods are down. Don’t allow a brief moment in time to destroy your balance.

Moose walk with dignity. It is time for you to hold your head high and stand tall. You’ve done better than what you think you have. You should be proud of yourself.

It may also be time to pick up an exercise program that interests you, but help you find balance with your body, mind, and spirit.

If you chose card #5 – PEGASUS – SOAR – If you have chosen Pegasus, this is the time for you to soar– take charge of your creations and release the shackles from your spirit and soul. No, it won’t be easy, it takes time and it takes patience with yourself, but I believe in you. Isn’t it time to dream big?

Next time you are in a hurry, or in your own world, and receive an interruption know that sometimes it might be heaven-sent. So many people withdraw into themselves and put up walls. The hurt from the past makes it easy to do. It’s easy to smile or compliment a stranger or ask an elderly neighbor if you can pick up something for them from the store, or maybe even surprising someone with an ice cream cone. You don’t need wings to be an angel, or a Pegasus, just the mindset.

Pegasus tells you that you’ve been looking too hard at the magic in your life when it is right there. It’s the small gestures sometimes that help another find their wings.  Wings that were there the whole time. It could simply be a smile to a stranger, or fresh cut flowers delivered to an elderly neighbor.  It might be delivering coffee to a coworker, or cutting the grass of a sick friend.  We all have wings and we all have the ability to soar to any height that we want, but often times we make the conscious choice to put them away and even when we take them out we our destination. Pegasus knows that it helps to have a cheering section as you soar, and know that he is just that.

Remember that you are a beautiful and wonderful soul that deserves the best. Even through dark times, know that once your find your wings, you’ll find the light again. The hardest part is to take that leap and then you’ll soar.

If you chose card #6 – DRAGONFLY – SEE THROUGH THE ILLUSION – Dragonfly reminds you that there is beauty within simple things, and passion helps to lift the flight. Now is the time for you to reward yourself for every accomplishment, small or large.

Shed the sadness from your soul and spirit so that you can see through the illusion you have created that doesn’t fit the real you. Pick up some motivational novels, stories, autobiographies, etc. and feel the shift within your vibration. Paste sticky notes around your house, desk, mirror and even your car that have inspirational quotes on them. Share your wishes and dreams with your family and/or friends.

Dragonflies can often be found around water sources and so they represent the strong emotion with you. Write a letter to yourself forgiving yourself for all the times you felt you have failed, and, then, add all of the accomplishments that you have had and want to complete. It is time to be your true self, the one that you were born to be.

Dragonflies come in many different colors and are often seen as magical. One moment their color may look green, the next blue. The message behind the Dragonfly is that sometimes life isn’t at all what it appears to be. See through the illusion that either yourself or someone else in your life is trying to portray.


Kristy Robinett


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