Soul Renovations

Soul Renovations May 18, 2020

I looked over at my unruly garden and sighed. Every autumn I think I have enough time to do a good clean up before Ole Man Winter. I didn’t do too bad by cutting down my perennials and clipping my roses, but I didn’t plow my garden down to the dirt, nor did I cover it with weed protector. April showers brought May weeds and an ailing husband; my typically strong one who could take the shovel and dig out the weeds and grass while I placed them in the tractor’s wagon to throw in the back lot for later fertilizer. Now, I’m not a weakling, but I’ve had some of my own issues and wasn’t feeling body, mind, or strong enough to face the garden – at least not right then. It was always something Chuck and I did together, and he was laying down. Getting used to his chemo treatments hasn’t been easy. So with another sigh, I put my garden tools back into the shed and contemplated what next, wiping my tears away.

It’s the question everyone asks when facing renovations – how much can I actually do myself, or should I hire someone? Or just forget it? It’s an important question to ask when facing soul renovations as well. Amid our time of pause, it makes for an even more imperative ponder.

The last six weeks, in the season of Taurus, has been a tear down. Some of the soul work before was plain shoddy. Some people found themselves impatient, scared, and aggravated. Some found a sense of peace, community, and gratitude. As we head into the season of Gemini, rebuild and renovations will be a constant theme.

May 22 at 1:38 pm Eastern time we welcome in a New Moon in Gemini. Normally new moons bring bits of fatigue, but Gemini is Mr./Ms. Social, ruled by the Mercury the Messenger, which has it’s good and bad. The bad. You might over analyze. The bad. You might feel suspicious that someone or something is out to get you. The bad. Be careful of mis-judging scenarios at this time, and instead set your intentions of what you want. The bad. You may be beating yourself up for what you haven’t or have done in the past. Regrets shouldn’t bind you to the past, but instead help you create a beautiful now and future with lessons learned. And now the good. This moon is great for doing something new, for starting over without past expectations or the haunts of past resentments. It’s the time to brainstorm, especially in matters of creative mediums. Wanting to write a book? Or paint? Or cook up a new company? Now is the time. It’s also a fantastic time to work on healing. I don’t mean to rush you on all this healing, but we have Mercury going Retrograde in mid-June, which brings a whole new bag of lessons.

6/18/20 to 7/12/20 is when Mercury goes Retrograde, and it’s bound to bring some up some sneaky conflicts with family and friends. Suppressed emotions will float to the surface, and possibly some unexpected financial issues. Mercury Retrograde gets a bad reputation, but this period of time is a reminder to slow down and be patient. Mercury has a way of bringing up subconscious feelings of the past, shining them up and making them all new to and pretty to sort out. Be careful to not push them under the rug, but cautiously release them once and for all.

Dr. Brene Brown is quoted as saying “When you shut down vulnerability, you shut down opportunity.” Since my husband’s diagnosis I’ve had to rely on help. He’s had to rely on help. I can’t say it’s getting any easier, but we are learning it doesn’t mean we are broken. In the world of corporate management, one of the lessons is learning how to properly delegate. The next couple months will make you feel vulnerable and have you again asking if you need help with the soul renovations, or if you can truly do it all yourself. Remember there’s qualified “handymen/handywomen” who can help and it doesn’t mean you also can’t roll up your sleeves and work on those soul renovations alongside.

Oh, and my garden? I swallowed my pride and asked my son if he could help me take down the garden and instead the plan is to renovate it by making it into a smaller container garden that I can easily handle.

I believe in you,


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