June Intuition Oracle

June Intuition Oracle June 1, 2020

We all have the ability to tap into our intuition, higher self, and guides. Take a few deep breathes, put your hand on your heart and then look at the cards and choose 1 card that you are most drawn to for a message from your guides.



Which card do you choose?



If you chose #1 you chose OWL/WISDOM – If Owl has arrived in your reading, it symbolizes the wisdom that you have which spans your earthly years. Those you come into contact with may be drawn to you for sage advice, your second sight and your keen ability to keep secrets. You can sense the truth and untruth in people and in situations although you don’t always follow through on your gut instincts. Owl tells you that you are interpreting the signs correctly and to believe in your psychic abilities, which are a gift, not a curse despite the information that you receive.

Owl can also mean that there is someone keeping a secret from you, or being untruthful. This is not you being overly sensitive. Follow through on the feelings you have with your second sight for if you don’t you may indeed regret it later on.

If you chose #2 you chose PHOENIX/TAKE FLIGHT – Phoenix is helping you shed your old ways in order to prepare you for a new life, one that you have been waiting for. You are on the verge of wonderful. This is a time of re-birth in order to ready you for your next flight. You may be frightened as you may have to let go of things and people from your old life, but the end result will be well worth it.

You may be on the verge of a spiritual awareness. Your dreams, both in sleep and in waking, may be more vivid than normal. You may actually be visited by those that have crossed over as they have messages to share with you on this next step within your life. When you feel a sense of hopelessness, know that you are not lost, just in a hanging pattern. Be open and receptive that new horizons stand ready and waiting.

Go deep within and seek spiritual guidance through meditation, counseling or just talking with friends as this will help you see your world in a new light. You have a unique path. Trust and release your fears now. Align yourself with the knowing that all is well. Start a dream journal, keep it on your nightstand, and write down both your conscious and subconscious dreams.

If you chose #3 you chose ANGEL FISH/CALL ON YOUR ANGELS – Angel Fish reassures you that your angels are around you all of the time, and they have been trying to get through to you and offer love, healing and guidance to you. You may not see the angels as you believe they ought to look. They can come in the form of a human stranger or an animal. It will be a positive and enlightening experience that may add more questions, but, in time, the answers will appear.

Your dreams may be extra prophetic and intense with messages, or you may have actually been hearing the messages as if you’ve been thinking to yourself. You may also be hearing a message through music or song that has a deeper meaning or you may have been having vivid visions. These messages are to help awaken and not scare you.

Your angels ask that you call on them to assist you with life pressures. You don’t need to know their names, only request their assistance and be specific in your request so that they can immediately go to work on your behalf.

Angel Fish says that you are being too stubborn and attempting to go against the flow instead of with the current. It may be time for you to take a trip to a location where there is plenty of water where you can sink your toes into the sand and stare into depths of the water.

If you chose #4 you chose BUTTERFLY/BUILD YOUR WINGS – Butterfly comes to you with the message that it is time for you to build your wings again and fly. Butterfly is aware that you’ve experienced a loss. It could be a death, divorce or you could just be feeling lonely and depleted. Butterfly believes that you can once again find that joy and dance to the song within your soul. It may feel awkward at first, but, with time, you will begin to feel more and more confident.

Transformation doesn’t happen overnight and, many times, happens when a negative situation occurred. You might have grounded yourself, afraid to fly, or a situation may have forced you to stop believing that you can fly altogether. Now is the time to trust and have faith that this is the time for you to explore the world around you. It is the time to love again. It is the time to see the magic that is around you and within you.

Butterfly also tells you that hurt from your childhood is preventing you from spreading your wings and flying to the height that you need to be. It’s time to forgive and remove the anchors from your past that is preventing you from your own true self.

If you chose #5 you chose LION/BE STRONG – The Lion’s presence itself can draw fear among his peers. Even when he doesn’t feel strong, he is perceived as such, and he reminds that you too are just as strong. With all that you are experiencing in your life, it is time to embrace your own strength, always and forever. It is time for you to let go of the things that can no longer be fixed. Trash is trash. Only keep around that which is worth collecting. If you have to force a situation into the way that you want it, you only make it worse and the knowledge that it isn’t yours needs to be seen. Holding on can make you brave, but moving on makes you strong.

Lion may also be telling you that it is time for you to see your physician and/or begin an exercise program to help build your body strength.

If you chose #6 you chose CRAB/MOONLIGHT – If you have chosen Crab the message is that you have been overcome with anger, emotion and jealousy. It is now time for you to look at all the issues and release the negative emotions that you are hanging on to and let that go. Crab tells you that this is a time of regeneration and transformation, but it can only occur if you set down the negativity and allow yourself to turn away from your dark side and embrace the light that shines on and within your spirit. If you can’t see it, the reminder is that the moon remains strong to help guide and transform you. Release all that is troubling you.

Use the moon cycles to assist you in your journey. Many people get moody during a full moon while others feel that sadness at the new moon. Pay attention to your moods during the moon cycles to see if there is a pattern.

The moon also shows that you have loved ones on the otherside willing to help you with your journey. Don’t fear the shadows, trust that even though you may not know how to do this, that you’ve held on to your hurt far too long and it is time to feel whole again.

Time by the ocean is also healing and much needed right now. If you can’t do that, take a sea salt bath and pretend.


Always trust your intuition. It knows.

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I Believe in YOU,


Kristy Robinett is a world-renowned revolutionary Psychic Medium and Author of several bestselling books. Kristy’s involvement with the paranormal began at the age of 3 when she began playing and communicating with spirits, labeled imaginary friends by her parents, which was totally unacceptable.

Kristy specializes in bringing humor to what most fear and inspires all ages to ignite the light within them so that the fire of inspiration continues on. It’s Kristy’s down to earth style, honesty, sense of humor and warmth that makes her a sought out coach and speaker.

Kristy has worked with a number of paranormal teams throughout the United States on paranormal cases, along with law enforcement as a psychic detective and psychic profiler.

Kristy has been profiled on many radio and television shows. She’s read for a blushing clientele of Who’s Who in Hollywood along with law enforcement, clergy, politicians, physicians, attorneys, domestic goddesses, and local celebrities. She also teaches psychic development and paranormal investigating at local colleges, and is a Blogger for Patheos Spiritual Channel. Visit www.kristyrobinett.com for more information.


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