Be a Light

Be a Light June 23, 2020

 “I can’t do social media anymore,” my friend Aria moaned. “All this fighting. All this hate.”

“Which is exactly why you need to stay on social media,” I reasoned. “You need to be a spiritual gangster with the rest of us.”

Aria lifted her eyebrow skeptically at me over Facetime.

“In a world of hate, we need light. We need *your* light.”

Sure, there’s a lot of ugly out there, but there’s a lot of good too. In fact, I believe there’s more good than bad. It doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your mental state, but we all have choices. We have choices to change the channel. We have choices to block, unfriend, hide, and just ignore. Not every disagreement needs to be an argument, and you don’t have to show up for every fight you’re invited to. We know that not everyone will agree with everyone, but by shining your light out, you just might be helping someone. Anyone. You might be their light in their storm. You may not even know how much help you are offering, but you are making a difference.

“Don’t you get it, the darkness wants you to shrink? It wants you to hide so  you forget you have the best weapon in your armory. It wants you to forget your true purpose.”

“Okay, gang leader,” Aria laughed. “I’ll bite. What’s my given weapon, Yoda?”


I believe in you,

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