June Thanks Oracle

June Thanks Oracle June 17, 2020

We all have intuition. Most times we listen to those nudges when sharing a message with another, but rarely do we listen when it comes to ourselves. Oracle and Tarot are amazing tools to help guide you back on your path. We are heading into Mercury Retrograde (more on that in another post) so we sometimes need the extra guidance.

Which card speaks to you? Choose and below is the meaning (no cheating).

Which card do you choose?



If you chose #1: FAIRY OF THE HIGHLANDS – You haven’t had it easy, have you? You also haven’t wanted to complain for fear of coming across less than strong. Well, your guides are well aware that you feel like you are spinning in circles and you are praying for the ride to end. It is. And soon. But until then you have to continue your bravery. That doesn’t mean become bitter or silent, though. It’s time for action and no more hiding. No more waiting. You may have to walk into the smoke, but they promise you won’t get burned. Financial issues? Talk to an expert? Legal issues? Get a new attorney. Marriage problems. Find a marriage counselor. Just plain lost? Seek out a life coach. Asking for help IS brave. You don’t have to go it alone. A spark of courage is all that is sometimes needed to pursue new challenges, to start new projects. But most of all it’s time to look within and go for battle, using your own inner turmoil to encourage you, not discourage. Raise your sword and be brave. Where in your life do you need to stand up for yourself? Are you overwhelmed? Are there a lot of expectations on you? Be brave enough to follow your own path. You are loved and you are strong. Believe that.

If you chose #2 – GHOSTS OF THE PAST – The past is haunting you, and Mercury in Retrograde certainly isn’t helping this. If you feel as if the past has returned, know that it is only for you resolve, forgive, and move forward. This is your time of awakening and new beginnings, not punishment and grief. Make a list of whatever or whoever is draining you, irritating you, upsetting you, or even issues you may be unclear about. These could be in any area of your life, be it: personal, work, relationships, or home, etc. Now look at what needs to be dealt with or what needs to be let go of. Stuffing it all in the back of the closet won’t resolve your past, your now, or your future. It’s time to face the ghosts instead of continuously being haunted from it.


If you chose #3 – DRESS OF ALCHEMY – You have powerful energy when this beautiful being shows up. You have strong, powerful, vibrant energy that may change life’s. When she shows up, it is to show you that you have the power to get rid of anything negative like jealousy, envy, greed, fear and guilt. Once you have cleared yourself, expect  relationships and situation based on ego-centred concepts, containing toxic energies, will fall away naturally and now you will ask your worth. Keep your energy strong and  bright and follow the signs. When your energy is bright and strong, you come from a place of love and light, there is no cloak to hide yourself anymore. As you can see the dress reveals all, so know that the time has come to be completely yourself. When you clear yourself, you will shine brightly too!

If you chose #4 – MILDEW FAIRY – Think of ways to decrease stagnant moisture (stuck emotions) and increase air flow (fresh thinking!) in your home and environment. When the Mildew Fairy comes to pay a visit, it’s likely things are a little stagnant, a little overemotional, and that fresh, new air and thoughts need to be brought in to clear the situation up! She can mean a fresh way of thinking or a fresh point of view, or a release of emotions that could be “pooling” in one area. Her appearance never means covering up—it means working with the environment you find yourself within. Like the Mildew Fairy said, a little of her can be medicine, and a great deal of her can be maddening—where she turns up will tell you lots about what needs a fresh new approach in your life. And if she is inside, lurking in cupboards, or in the bathroom, instead of decorating pebbles by a pond, you know that the presence of unhealthful energy needs to be addressed. Not rationalized and excused. And never ignored!


If you chose #5 – A CLOCKWORK PUMPKIN – You will likely find your aha moment that you’ve been waiting for. This could just a spark of an idea that you have no idea how it could be put into practice, or it could be something that you have planned out or that has been on the cards for some time but never really been acted on yet. It’s time to stop dismissing our ideas and try to get them off the ground now. It’s time to look more at your ideas in more detail. Could they become reality with the right help? Do you need more information or planning before getting them off the ground? Look around for and accept help, grants, materials, knowledge, anything that will help you to get your plans moving. If you never try, you’ll never know if they could have been a success!



I love the whimsical nature of this oracle (you can buy it here). Join me on Friday, June 19th at LlewellynCon 2020! 

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