Thanksgiving Week Oracle

Thanksgiving Week Oracle November 23, 2020

We all have intuition and we all are being guided, whether we listen or not is another story. Below are 3 Oracle cards from Doreen Virtue & Brian Weiss called Past Life Oracle. Take a couple deep breathes and ask your guides and your angels what it is that you need to know. Then choose a number.

What card did you choose?



CARD #1 – FORGIVENESS: The situation you’re inquiring about will be healed or improved through your willingness to release old, stored anger. You may not even be consciously aware that you in holding onto resentment. Your anger may show up in supple phase such as high blood pressure, addictions, insomnia, or moodiness. Wouldn’t it feel great to have stable moods and more control over your health?

Forgiveness isn’t the same as saying that the actions of others were justified or acceptable. Instead, forgiveness is a statement of self-empowerment. You choose to detoxify yourself of all stored anger and other negative energies. After all, when you hang on to anger, it only hurts you and not the other person.

To heal this situation, be aware that meditation and introspection are important practices that can help you. See your anger as a transient feeling, like a dark cloud floating across the sky. Recognize that the source comes from a past life, and let it go. Forgiveness is cathartic and profoundly healing. Free yourself from negative and harmful emotions. Release yourself from past hurt by saying aloud “I am willing to sever all vows that are blocking me in this lifetime. I ask that all aspects of painful vows be now and forever undone in all directions of time for everyone concerned.” It’s time to sever that old connection.

CARD 2 – WISDOM: Are you using wisdom to the highest  level? You are far wiser than you realize, and your inner wisdom has already given you the answers that you seek. Embrace this knowledge, and trust it. If you’re doubtful, ask your guides and angels to give you clear signs to validate your thoughts and ideas. Your guides and angels can also help you put your ideas into action, and make decisions about the next steps to take. Just ask, but then be willing to work with me by taking action.

You may be called to learn something, sign up for a class or to seek advice or stories from an ancestor – either living or on the other side.


CARD #3  – TRUST AND FAITH: Are you living your truth  and do you believe in yourself? Truly? Your trust and faith can only be rectified if you clearly communicate your needs and expectations to others, but also to yourself. It’s time to face the situation directly. It’s also important to tell the truth to yourself and others as this situation is an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth. So what story is it that you are telling yourself that is tripping you up? It is time for you to look within and go forward with faith, in the light of trust and truth. You might want to pull out a journal, create a vision board, or ask for it to be shown in your dreams at night or in meditation.


Kristy Robinett

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