The Allegory of the Diamond

The Allegory of the Diamond May 10, 2017

"Feast of the Gods" by Hans Rottenhammer & Jan Brueghel the Elder.  From WikiMedia.
“Feast of the Gods” by Hans Rottenhammer & Jan Brueghel the Elder. From WikiMedia.

My Witches tend to think

There is only one infinity

And that any infinite god must be

The one in whose name they were abused,

But the Cantor sang of the number of numbers,

Of that number raised to its own power,

Of the number of the continuum

And gave us a way to generate

An infinity of infinite numbers,

Each of them unique.

And all that’s just with numbers.


Likewise there is an infinity of infinite gods,

Each one unique and compassionate,

As any god must be, and yet all One God,

For the infinite can be both One and Many

At the same time, although there is no time,

Although we cannot fathom how that works.


Simon says,

        “We know what is out there:

           stars, planets, empty space.

           There is no Heaven

           where Gods could dwell.

           So there are no Gods.”

Simon, that is bad logic,

unexamined assumptions.

You are violating scientific method.

You should say, logically,

If there are Gods,

they must live elsewhere.

         “But where could that be?”.

Within us.

          “The Gods could not fit inside us!”

You are assuming we are finite.


Imagine a sphere of infinite radius

(and there is a sphere,

and I AM sees that it is good)

Like the diamond Sappho saw

as Hera’s faceted throne.

Let each facet be a hexagon.

The infinity of hexagons is

the smooth surface of the sphere

And the sphere the surface of a hypersphere.,

Each one is the base of a pyramid,

(an infinity of pyramids, each of infinite volume)

reaching asymptotically toward the center of the sphere.

There is not just one infinity.

There is an infinity of infinities.


But this is not about pyramids,

hexagons, the hardness of diamonds,

It is about understanding the Gods.

Imagine each infinite pyramid as a Person

of infinite compassion,

each one both unique and the ultimate reality.

Altogether they are the diamond,

dwelling within us,

for we are infinite within.


The Gods have bodies.

We are their bodies.

That’s why they created us.



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