Dalliances with Deities focuses on the Otherfaith, a modern polytheistic religion, and life as a young polytheist in modern Pagandom. Here, we consider the gods real and many, alive and evolving. This space is pro-technology and includes discussion of holiness in the mechanical and technological.

Currently, we are focusing on the Clarene through the 30 Days of Devotion prompts. We will be going through each of the gods, using these prompts to learn more about them. Every Wednesday, you can ask questions over on the Otherfaith Tumblog. Other topics, pertaining to activity here at Patheos, will occasionally be posted.

You can keep up with Dalliances with Deities through RSS and Facebook. We also have forums for the Other People and friends.

Aine “Annie” Llewellyn is a 20-something girl-creature and devotional polytheist living in Tucson, AZ. She has been studying Paganism and polytheism since she was 12 and began work on the Otherfaith five years later. She spends her time, when not occupied with the faith, studying for school.

She can be reached at email (aine@daoineile.com) and Facebook and Twitter. She also blogs on WordPress and Tumblr.