Veni, vidit, vicit — Part II

Veni, vidit, vicit — Part II October 30, 2006

I wrote in February about how Shabana had against all odds defended her dissertation with flying colors.  Well, she’s at it again. 

Her groundbreaking work has started to get recognition within the field.  My better three quarters has been awarded the Council on Anthropology of Education’s 2006 Outstanding Dissertation Award for her recently completed dissertation entitled  "Constructing Third Spaces: American Muslim Undergraduate Women’s Hybrid Identity Construction" .   

So, in addition to being a blogger extraordinaire, poet and general supermom, Shabana is now officially an up and coming thinker in the fields of education and anthropology. 

Info on the award and org can be got here:

Having watched her research, conceptualize and then somehow bang it out at light speed during her pregancy last year, I’m not surprised that it’s getting accolades.  It’s packed with fascinating  and unexpected insights into the complexities and paradoxes experienced by Muslim American women in their college days.

Still, it’s a relief to see that innovative investigations of Muslim women by a Muslim woman can get duly recognized by the academy at large. 

So please join me in congratulating her.

Bravo, Shabana!  Shabash…

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