The long overdue end to the Neocon nightmare

The long overdue end to the Neocon nightmare November 8, 2006

An inspired and inspiring polemic ("End of the Neo-Cons") has been loosed on the lunacy gripping Washington for so long and whose epic blunders just resulted in the Republicans losing control of the House of Representatives for the first time in over a decade in the Toronto Star by David Olive.

If there’s any rhetorical mistep in this eloquent and exhaustive broadside at Neocon folly it is Olive’s somewhat toothless opining about the possibility that the "neo-cons will have earned their place in one of the inner circles of hell."  While the Neocon kingpin Richard Perle isn’t known as the "Prince of Darkness" for nothing, these idiot savant Jacobins are ultimately only doing what they believe down to the marrow of their bones and fulfilling their nature.  You can’t blame scorpions and vipers going around stinging people.

The "leaders" who have of late secured for themselves berths in Dante’s Inferno are the many so-called liberals, intellectuals and journalists who took leave of their sanity and integrity after 9/11, discarding previously sacrosanct American principles and eagerly enlisting in this nakedly idiotic movement.  They gave it the patina of intellectual credibility and pragmatism that it now so conspicuously lacks.  They enabled this whole fiasco and should’ve known better.

No doubt someone will eventually get paroled from Satan’s mouth to make room for political apostate and ideological mutant Christopher Hitchens.  My guess is that Cassius, whose sins were actually pretty humdrum as ancient palace intrigues went, is out.  Hitchens, however, could give both Brutus and Judas a run for their money.  Given the fallen leftist’s well known fondness for drink, he’ll probably be a welcome addition as the old fiend shivers in the middle of that frozen lake. – "End of the Neo-Cons" by David Olive

Whether or not the Republicans lose control of one or both houses of the U.S. Congress on Tuesday, the neo-conservative vision that has guided American foreign policy since 2001 has run its course. The neo-cons’ grand design lies in ruins, having accomplished nothing other than to shrink America’s stature in the world.

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