068: A Catholic Response to Evangelical De-Conversions (w/ Dr. Doug Beaumont)

068: A Catholic Response to Evangelical De-Conversions (w/ Dr. Doug Beaumont) July 15, 2020

In this episode of The Cordial Catholic Podcast, I’m joined by apologist, speaker, and author Dr. Douglas Beaumont to discuss the phenomenon of Evangelical Christians “de-converting” and leaving the Christian faith. From his research-based perspective, and with the experience of a convert, Dr. Beaumont talks about some of the factors that go into what causes a person to “de-convert” from Christianity.

We also dig into some of the fascinating and helpful Catholic responses to these de-conversions including understanding the right place of science and faith, solving problems with biblical interpretation, and understanding how to respond to some of the philosophical objections to evil and suffering.

In this episode, Doug and I specifically respond to some of the challenges raised by recent Evangelicals who have left the faith like Jon Steingard from Hawk Nelson, Marty Sampson from Hillsong, YouTubers Rhett and Link, and Joshua Harris. However, this is also a perennial topic so we’ve tried out best to keep things generalized as well (in case you’re listening long after these particular de-conversions).

For more on Doug visit his website where you can find more information on his speaking, by his fabulous books, and follow him on his upcoming pilgrimage.

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