084: Understanding Scripture, Tradition, and Authority (w/ Dr. Doug Beaumont)

084: Understanding Scripture, Tradition, and Authority (w/ Dr. Doug Beaumont) November 4, 2020

In this episode of The Cordial Catholic Podcast, I’m joined by apologist, speaker, and author Dr. Douglas Beaumont to discuss Scripture, Tradition, and authority from his perspective as an Evangelical convert.

We dig deeply into how Protestants and Catholics understand Scripture differently, the interpretation of Scripture, what Catholics (and Protestants!) mean by “tradition”, and the important role of authority in deciding how to understand or interpret the Bible.

Dr. Beaumont brings a unique and incredible perspective to a difficult and sometimes complicated conversation – and decodes it all for us with ease, grace, and clarity!

Doug’s new book from Catholic Answers Press is With One Accord and is highly recommended!

For more on Doug visit his website where you can find more information on his speaking, by his fabulous books, and follow him on his upcoming pilgrimage.

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