114: Why Not Anglican, Why Not Orthodox, Why Catholic? (w/ Michael Lofton)

114: Why Not Anglican, Why Not Orthodox, Why Catholic? (w/ Michael Lofton) June 16, 2021

In this episode of The Cordial Catholic, I’m joined by Michael Lofton from the popular YouTube channel and podcast Reason and Theology to discuss his fascinating conversion story.

Raised nominally Christian, and then Jewish, and then as a devout Evangelical, Michael looked into Anglicanism, Orthodoxy, and Catholicism and had experiences in all of these Christian traditions. Ultimately, it was Catholicism that Michael came back to and he joins us in this episode to explain his reasons why.

We touch on the ancient Church, the papacy, tradition, and the magisterium plus so much more as we mine Michael’s experiences and deep knowledge of Christianity, Christian history, and theology.

For more from Michael visit his website Reason and Theology where you can find links to his podcast and YouTube channel as well.

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