136: Why I’m Not Catholic (w/ Austin Suggs from Gospel Simplicity)

136: Why I’m Not Catholic (w/ Austin Suggs from Gospel Simplicity) November 17, 2021

In this episode of The Cordial Catholic, I’m joined by my good friend, YouTuber Austin Suggs from the wildly popular Gospel Simplicity channel to talk about why he isn’t Catholic – after a year of asking questions about the Catholic faith.

Austin stumbled into a world of digging deeply into questions of the ancient Christian faiths. From his experience of going to a Catholic Bible study, and then a Catholic Mass, he began to ask questions about Catholicism (and later, Orthodoxy). When I first had him on my show over a year ago, we talked about some of his misconceptions and misunderstandings – and questions he still had.

Now, a year later, he’s back, as a good friend, to unpack his journey so far. It’s a fantastic conversation as we unpack liturgy, the papacy, apostolic succession, the Eucharist, and what exactly Austin is thinking after spending the last year asking some of the most brilliant minds in religion, some really great questions!

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