141: The Catholic Witnesses of the Early Church (w/ Rod Bennett)

141: The Catholic Witnesses of the Early Church (w/ Rod Bennett) January 5, 2022

In this episode of The Cordial Catholic, I’m joined by the one-and-only Rod Bennett, author and Early Church historian extraordinaire, to talk about the earliest witnesses to the Christian Church – the Early Church Fathers – and how they describe the worship, faith, and beliefs of the very first Christians … and who look very Catholic indeed!

We’ll dig into evidence for belief in baptismal regeneration, the Eucharist and Real Presence of Christ, bishops and apostolic succession, and the primacy of Rome. We tackle the common idea that Constantine corrupted Christianity and “Romanized” the simple faith and we discuss why it matters that an Early Church Father wouldn’t be accepted in most Protestant Churches.

It’s a great discussion!

For more from Rod check out his books from Ignatius Press: Four Witnesses and Four More Witness as well as his publications from Catholic Answers: The Apostasy that Wasn’t and Scripture Wars.

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