144: Where is the True Church? (w/ Erick Ybarra)

144: Where is the True Church? (w/ Erick Ybarra) January 26, 2022

In this episode of The Cordial Catholic, I’m joined by Erick Ybarra, Catholic re-vert from Protestantism, author, and blogger to unpack his conversion story. Erick was raised Catholic, left for a Reformed Baptist church after an encounter with a university roommate, but came back to the Catholic Church, by way of Anglicanism, after he began an earnest search for the “true church” founded by Christ.

Erick is an incredible guy and his faith journey is amazing. Erick’s search for truth led him to some incredibly in-depth research in the areas of church history, ecclesiology, sola Scriptura, apostolic succession, and the Orthodox-Catholic schism. Erick’s forthcoming book on the Orthodox-Catholic schism, from Emmaus Academic, is the result of his 10 years of research.

This is a truly great conversation. Erick is compassion, kind, and cordial and his journey is one of honesty and faith seeking understanding.

For more from Erick visit his website.

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