An Apologist’s Journey to Catholicism

An Apologist’s Journey to Catholicism June 2, 2021

This week on the show I’m so grateful to be joined by Jimmy Akin, Senior Apologist for Catholic Answers. Jimmy has spent nearly three decades cordially explaining, defending, and unpacking the Catholic faith through his books, his weekly appearances on Catholic Answers Live, his speaking engagements and his smattering of podcasts, videos, and other appearances. Check out his website for a list of everything he’s done–it’s a lot!

In this episode, Jimmy shares his own conversion story. How he went from a relative agnostic, into a practising Christian – on his way to being an ordained Protestant pastor – and eventually, through rigorous study, into the Catholic faith.

Jimmy read, as he says, the theology of basically every Christian denomination and found unmistakable difficulties as he dug deeper.

Issues with Sola Scriptura: the idea that the Bible is the sole rule of faith, which Jimmy couldn’t find well laid out in Scripture itself.

Issues of authority: who ultimately decides how to interpret Scripture.

And, questions about what Jesus meant when He called Peter, “the rock.”

It seemed clear to him, Jimmy recalls, but only the Catholic Church seemed to take Christ at his word.

Jimmy’s own story is marked by tragedy, as you’ll hear, but also by the unmistakeable hand of God – guiding Jimmy along the way and into, as it turns out, a lifelong career which has undoubtedly impacted thousands and thousands along the way.

This is a great conversation from someone who looked deeply in the Catholic tradition, converted, and has continued to dig deeply ever since to share the faith with others.

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