The Cordial Catholic Podcast – 007: Debunking the Great Apostasy

The Cordial Catholic Podcast – 007: Debunking the Great Apostasy May 15, 2019

In this episode of The Cordial Catholic Podcast I talk with author Rod Bennett on the idea of the “great apostasy.”

Did the Church that Jesus founded fall away from the true faith he taught and into a “great apostasy”? Did the ancient Church become corrupt when it mixed with politics? Did pagan rituals creep in and distort the simple faith that Jesus began?

Did the church lose its way, only to be “re-discovered” by the Protestant Reformers?

Bennett argues that everyone who isn’t a Catholic must have a theory like this one – that the authority given to the Catholic Church, the historical Church that Jesus founded, somehow got lost along the way.

Our discussion is absolutely fascinating as Rod Bennett takes us deep into the Church Fathers to show us how there wasn’t an apostasy at all. That the authority Christ invested in the Church He established continues, uncompromised, until today.

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