The Neuro-Catholic MamaBear–Tik Tok

The Neuro-Catholic MamaBear–Tik Tok September 15, 2022
Alrighty, I am going to try this. If this works well, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays from 12:30-12:40 CT, I will display a Tik Tok video about what it is like for the Diverodivergent family in society, different types of schools, and in the Church. I will also be giving some educational lessons. My Tik Tok site will be called The Neuro-Catholic MamaBear.
As a pediatric Academic Language Therapist, Licensed Dyslexia Therapist, and Autism Specialist, I define Neurodivergent as an umbrella term for individuals who have a brain or mind that diverges from what is typical in the general population. This includes psychological, neurological, genetic, cognitive, and even physical variances on a number of human spectrums. I will also use the most current mainstream science and suggestions for safe and inclusive practices which align with best research-based practice.
You are welcome to join me for the first intro Tik Tok video from 12:30-12:40 on Tuesday. Videos will not be more than 10 minutes long at three times per week. All are welcome except those who seek to cause harm. I am not holding back the truth. Love to Everyone! Yes, that is a neurodiversity tattoo on my ankle in the picture.

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