Man of Steel: The Good, The Bad and The Super

Man of Steel: The Good, The Bad and The Super June 16, 2013

Recently I watched Man of Steel, the latest Superman flick, and although it was a pretty good movie (way better than the last 3 Superman films); I still rank 1980’s Superman II as my all time favorite.  But here is my take on all that was good and bad about this latest one made for a 2013 audience (Warning : There are some Spoilers Below):

The Good: The Kryptonians have all this futuristic technology and are expert scientists and explorers.

The Bad: They still use some kind of black & white 3D dot matrix video watcha-ma-call-it thing for communication. So they don’t have any color technology? Even their houses are all grey and black inside? No Interior Designers on Krypton?

The Good: Clark Kent’s father Jonathan teaches him good morals and to help other people.

The Bad: He could have also taught him to slap a bully so he wouldn’t keep being picked on as a kid!  One small “super slap” and no one would ever bully him again!

The Good: Fat kids who bully you can change their ways and become good people after you save their life (And end up working at IHOP).

The Bad: They still snitch on you to the po-lice and news reporters who ask questions about you!

The Good: We Are Not Alone in the Universe!

The Bad: All the Aliens are crazy white people (there doesn’t appear to be any people of color on Krypton for some reason)

The Good: Clark Kent is a manly man with a beard, hairy chest & lumber jack clothes 

The Bad: He Shaves his beard off and wears a tight rubber suit when he becomes Superman

The Good: Superman is a model immigrant who is “not an enemy” to America.

 The Bad: He grew up in Kansas and is still considered an “illegal Alien” (of course he really is an Alien from outerspace)!

The Good: A priest/father tells Superman to Have Faith. 

The Bad: How come he didn’t ask Superman if he believes in Jesus Christ?  I mean come on now, you’re speaking with an Alien race and you don’t you want to know?!

The Good: Superman saves the day and saves Planet Earth

The Bad: Who is going to pay for all the repairs and damage done by the battle of Aliens? Superman of course – he is one of “them”!  The victim’s families can also take Superman to court because his fellow Kryptonians are the ones who killed everyone!

The Good: Clark Kent wants to be a Journalist so he can tell people’s stories and help report the news of the world!

The Bad: He would probably make more money being a farmer like his adopted father was (All those Farm subsidies you know). Plus you won’t be able to get anymore confidential informants for big news stories anymore!

The Good: Superman destroys a “spy” drone because he doesn’t want the US government to find out where he lives.

The Bad: What about all the armed U.S. drones which drop bombs on human beings all over the world? Is Superman is okay with that, because they are not killing his fellow Americans? Didn’t Superman give up his American Citizenship? Oh wait, that was in the comics….

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