Ertugrul: A Discussion on the popular Turkish TV series

Ertugrul: A Discussion on the popular Turkish TV series July 8, 2020

Panel discussion on the hit Turkish TV series Ertugrul

Last month, I was lucky enough to be invited to join a panel discussion on the popular TV series Resurrection Ertugrul, organized by The Center for Global Muslim Life for their Global Muslim Film Festival. Some of the things I discussed were the differences between Ertugrul and another popular TV series, Game of Thrones, which it sometimes gets compared to. Yes they are in similar in some ways, as they are both have Kings (Sultans), Knights (Alps / Crusaders), Princesses, Traitors, Spies, Assassins, and different groups of people vying for power and control of land, but the main themes of both shows are diametrically opposed. GoT follows Western themes of living for the here and now, and not trusting religion or people who claim to have faith in a higher power.  While Ertugrul on the other hand follows the Eastern and of course Islamic worldview that those who have faith in God (Allah) and have good intentions, will eventually prevail in the end.  Some of the other panelists discussed the positive portrayal of women in the show, while others explained about the connections to Sufism and the spiritual aspects of the series. You can watch the replay of our panel discussion on YouTube or Facebook. Note that if you don’t have Netflix, you can watch the first two seasons of Ertugrul for free here.

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