A Rewarding Role: The Best Careers for Helping Others

A Rewarding Role: The Best Careers for Helping Others July 3, 2020

Helping people from all walks of life can be a powerful way to embrace your religion and express your faith. It, therefore, makes perfect sense that you might want to embark on a career that will have a positive impact on many people’s lives each day.

If you are unsure about the right professional avenue for you, continue reading to discover the best careers for helping others. It could help you to discover the right occupation for your personality and needs.

A Mental Health Counselor

Approximately 44 million Americans are living with a mental health disorder, such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or bipolar disorder.

As a mental health counselor, you can help patients living with a debilitating mental health condition, so they can take back control of their health and future.

To do so, you will need to identify a patient’s specific needs and recommend the best treatment options. You also could work in a variety of settings throughout your career, such as in hospitals, schools, or employee assistance programs.

To embark on a career as a mental health counselor, you will need to earn a master’s degree, receive various state licenses, and gain extensive clinical experience.

A Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

Few careers could be more rewarding than improving the health of a newborn infant. As a neonatal nurse practitioner (NNP), you will provide specialized care to babies with various health issues, such as:

  • Low birth weights
  • Prematurity
  • Infections
  • Congenital heart abnormalities
  • Respiratory problems
  • Genetic disorders

Neonatal nurse practitioners must have extensive nursing skills and a passion for improving the health and wellbeing of infants while supporting their parents and family members.

It is the perfect path for practicing registered nurses, as they can study at neonatal nurse practitioner schools online.

A Family Therapist

Conflict can be a common problem in many marriages, which can impact family life. A family therapist can, however, help couples to work through various conflicts, which can lead to stronger relationships and a happier environment for children.

A family therapist’s job will be to listen to a person’s feelings and experiences, broaching difficult conversations, and helping people to make decisions about their future and relationships.

If this sounds like an ideal career for you, you will need to earn a master’s degree and a state license. Once you have done so, you could work independently or secure employment in a healthcare setting or a government.


Nurse-midwives will go to work each day to bring life into the world, which is why it can be a rewarding occupation.

It is their responsibility to not only ensure a newborn’s safe arrival, but they will also need to care for a mother’s health, too. To ensure both mom and baby are safe, they will perform gynecological exams, provide pre-birth healthcare, deliver newborns into the world, and provide parents with advice on how to care for their baby’s everyday needs.

Again, if you’re a registered nurse, you could enroll for an online DNP course to become a nurse-midwife.

A Dentist

A dentist can transform the lives of patients in various ways. For example, they can eradicate toothache to restore a person’s smile, while improving a patient’s teeth to boost their self-confidence. Plus, they can stop potential health issues in their tracks, such as oral cancer.

Oral health affects almost every aspect of a person’s body and it is often connected to a variety of conditions, such as heart disease, dementia, and respiratory infections, to name only a few. So, if you choose to become a dentist, you will feel a sense of satisfaction each day knowing you are improving your patients’ health, happiness, and quality of life.

To become a dentist, you’ll need to earn a bachelor’s degree, pass the Dental Admissions Test, earn a dental degree, and obtain state licensure to practice.

A Physical Therapist

A physical therapist, often referred to as a PT, will be dedicated to helping both adults and children to resolve or live with various mobility problems.

For example, they will often provide treatment for patients living with a chronic illness, condition, or injury. During a session, a patient will learn various techniques to reduce their pain, restore physical function, and prevent the development of additional mobility issues.

It’s also common for PTs to help patients who have been involved in a road traffic accident, endured a sports injury, or to provide treatment following an operation on their spine or joints.

If you believe this could be the rewarding career you’ve been looking for, you will need to first obtain an undergraduate degree and then a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. You will also need to secure a license in every US state in which you intend to practice.

A School Counselor

A school counselor, often known as a guidance counselor, can make a positive difference to students’ lives. They will work alongside teachers, parents, and school administrators to ensure a student’s academic success and personal development.

For instance, they can help them to make key decisions for their education, while providing emotional support and assistance when necessary. It is common for a counselor to be asked to monitor school conflicts to create a positive environment for every student.

Most schools will need a school counselor to possess a bachelor’s degree, but some positions could require a master’s degree.


There are many career paths that will help others, which will allow you to feel a sense of satisfaction and pride each working day. The above options could be an ideal avenue for you. After all, your actions, no matter how big or small, will have a positive impact on a person’s health and could transform their long-term well being.

Many of the above professions are, of course, based in the healthcare sector, which offers many more occupations to complement your education, personality, passions, and faith. For example, you could become a family nurse practitioner, dental hygienist, or a speech-language pathologist, to name only a few.

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