: Oh, The Irony: Ann Coulter Dating a Muslim

: Oh, The Irony: Ann Coulter Dating a Muslim March 14, 2002

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Well, if you can’t bait ’em – date ’em. Shortly after penning an op-ed where she calls for a modern-day Crusade against Islam, columnist Ann Coulter began dating a successful Muslim financier in New York. “It seems perfectly logical to me,” says Coulter, who once wrote that Muslims should be deported from America. “It’s not like I’m dating a Democrat.” When pressed about the hypocrisy considering her stand on Islam and the Muslim world, she retorted, “I’ll sic Mustafa — not his real name — on you.” (Wow – a right-wing raving lunatic with a sense of humor.) I suppose the “bad boy” image that Coulter is so fond of painting Muslims with was just too hard for her to resist. Whether Coulter’s personal life will affect her editorial judgement has yet to be determined.

Shahed Amanullah is editor-in-chief of altmuslim.com.

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