: Women Denounce Muslim Stereotypes

: Women Denounce Muslim Stereotypes March 4, 2002

A world conference on Islam and women, held in the historic Spanish city of Corboba, produced some interesting and controversial reminders of Islam’s Moorish past and turbulent present. Women delegates said they were tired of being portrayed as timid and downtrodden and said the decision to wear hijab was often portrayed as a central focus when in reality there were many other subjects of concern to them. Controversy arose when a group of 20 delegates, men and women, insisted on praying inside Cordoba’s Great Mosque, which was converted to a Catholic cathedral in the 13th century. As they bowed to Mecca, security guards moved in to break up the gathering, saying it was forbidden for Muslims to pray within the property of the Catholic Church. The worshippers said they wanted to reclaim a part of their history.

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