Dear Trump Supporters – A Peace House Video

Dear Trump Supporters – A Peace House Video April 11, 2016

Various ethnic, religious and minority groups — from Muslims to Latinos to African Americans — have watched with horror and trepidation the rise and growth of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and more so the thousands upon thousands of supporters pushing him forward and feeding into his soundbites and rhetoric. Viral videos from various Trump rallies have shown minority attendees and protesters shouted at and even physically attacked.

All this has left many wondering just why Trump’s supporters are, well, so supportive of him, despite all his shortcomings, incendiary comments and speeches, blustering statements and lack of depth in the realms of foreign and domestic policy. What is it about Trump that is attracting so many? And whatever that is, is it serving to create a deep line of demarcation between those who support Trump and the rest of the country? Is the media and the public in general doing a disservice to Trump supporters by dismissing them as racist or small-minded, as many have said publicly and privately?

Peace House, a media, art and activism group, sent a few Muslims “undercover” to a Trump rally, where they acted like Trump supporters themselves, to get to know the supporters and see how they would be treated. As they said in the video produced from their experience, they thought they’d come away with footage that would prove funny and show supporters to be the caricatures many others thought them to be.

But, what they discovered was something far different. Check out their video:

Dear Trump Supporters,

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