Ten Self-Care Tips for Faith-Based Activists

Ten Self-Care Tips for Faith-Based Activists July 15, 2016

candle waveBy Saud Inam

First and foremost Eid Mubarak to my Muslim brothers and sisters. I pray every one of us had an amazing and spiritually fulfilling Ramadan and may Allah accept all of our fasting, prayer, and supplications. Ameen.

I know for myself and maybe the world and the Muslim community in particular had a very challenging and testing Ramadan. The weeks following have been no less difficult, challenging and hurtful. We began our Ramadan with the loss of one of the greatest heroes in our community — our brother Muhammad Ali. We saw an unfortunate increase in political rhetoric against Islam and Muslims, violent attacks and massacres in Orlando, Baghdad, Istanbul, and the second holiest city in Islam — Madinah.

And now since Eid, we’ve seen two more brutal deaths of Black men, police being gunned down and now the most recent violent attack in Nice, France.

For many of us we felt a mix of pain, sorrow, and anger towards the events that transpired this Ramadan. Many of us may have also had personal and spiritual challenges in the holy month. The pain is real, and we should recognize that it exists. Only in the recognition can we move towards taking care of ourselves.

Self-care is now more important than ever to continue to live positively and affect the good change around us.

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