March 6, 2002

An allegation by Libyan leader Moammar Kadhafi’s son that Austrian right-winger Joerg Haider is an Arab adds more fuel to his fire. Read more

March 5, 2002

A recent move by Israel to bar the construction of a mosque might be good for the Palestinians. Read more

March 5, 2002

One book analyzes the Jesus of Islamic literature in a way that both confirms and denies the personality seen in Christianity. Read more

March 4, 2002

A conference on women and Islam has ended with calls for western society to change its negative image of the Muslim religion. Read more

March 4, 2002

One group claims that white supremacists and Islamic groups may form an alliance to commit terrorist acts. Now who’s the conspiracy theorist? Read more

March 4, 2002

An ongoing discrimination case against America’s favorite department store gets uglier. Read more

March 4, 2002

Far-reaching conclusions about the origins of the Qur’an are being made by scholars who doubt its divine origin. Read more

March 3, 2002

One author claims a conspiracy to recapture Islam’s Moorish lands through terror. Read more

March 1, 2002

A call to rebuild an ancient temple (no, not the Jewish one) sparks violent tit-for-tat killings in Islam’s second biggest real-estate war. Read more

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