May 29, 2018

So, what’s a modern Muslim to do? How do we know what is universal and good for all times and what applies specifically to Muhammad’s era? Read more

May 28, 2018

The generosity (jūd) of the Prophet ﷺ was not a monetary one, but a spiritual one, by means of the study and recitation of the Quran. The interaction with Jibril every night in Ramadan allowed the Prophet ﷺ to give of himself and to fulfill his mission as “a mercy to the Worlds. (21:107)” Read more

May 27, 2018

Our masjids should be safe zones for all Muslims, not combative places inundated with emotional minefields. Those battling illness have just as much right to participate in community and religious events as the healthy without feeling judged or maligned. Increased awareness and non-judgmental and open conversations concerning critical topics such as these need to occur before more people are shunned or ostracized away from the deen. Read more

May 26, 2018

I began to see unrest, and uneasiness crept through the room and tickled the spines of everyone as they shifted from side to side. But, he kept going, and I kept sweating, wondering when the outburst of disdain and rage would come from one of the village elders reminding us that culture and traditions reigned supreme in a land still untouched by 4G internet and Tesla innovations. Read more

May 25, 2018

In an age where traditions are often the first to be consistently challenged as an obstacle to modernity or are being dismissed as cultural with no religious connotations, a new appreciation for the role they play in keeping us civilized needs to be emphasized. Read more

May 24, 2018

The month eventually left. But my renewed love of God, of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and of Islam stayed. Ever since then I’ve gone through spiritual highs and lows, but that Ramadan left me with the greatest gift of all: consistency in salah, the five daily prayers. Read more

May 23, 2018

Each Ramadan, I give myself the time to acknowledge and reflect on the wounds of disconnection, busyness, and inattention to myself and to the ones I love over the past year.  Through this recognition, we can clear out space in our hearts, stomachs, and days so that, eventually, love and forgiveness (which are just other words for the Creator) may enter and plant something new within and around us. Read more

May 22, 2018

When you see that girl with a messed-up reputation at uni [university] putting on the hijab and praying in Ramadan — that isn’t ‘trying to acting holy.’ That’s the essence of Iman. When you see the guy give up the club, put down the bottle, and replace listening to rap tunes with the Book of Allah in Ramadan — that isn’t fake. That’s the pinnacle of faith. Read more

May 21, 2018

During Ramadan we make extra efforts to be conscious and aware of our voice, manner and behavior. It’s easy to be kind to those we know and love, but what about extending this to work colleagues who challenge us, neighbors who disturb us and strangers who cross our daily journey? Read more

May 20, 2018

What I propose is a priority fast. A priority fast is when you keep to the activities that are most important to you and not to everyone else. Practice Islam within your frame of obedience and increase your deeds at a suitable pace set by your spiritual needs. Read more

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