Buddhism: on retreat

Buddhism: on retreat October 14, 2005

I’ll be on a Buddhist retreat for the weekend with Matthew Flickstein in Bozeman MT. I did a 10 day retreat with him in May of 2004 and I was very impressed. He is a former Theravadin (Pali for ‘way of the elders,’ the oldest surviving Buddhist tradition) monk, but incorporated a wide variety of teachings into the retreat which culminated in a Dzogchen (Tibetan: ‘great perfection’) meditation. He also spoke kindly of Christianity as a mystical tradition, and was planning another retreat which would incorporate the higher teachings of seven mystical traditions. The notes I took at that retreat still play an active role in my practices and thought on Buddhism and life.

This weekend we look at embracing our full humanity as a necessary step of the spiritual path (none of that ‘fleeing life’ stuff :). It’s just two days basically, but enough to give a ‘charge’ to my meditation practice (which has been terribly weak of late). I’ve been going to a weekly meditation group, which has helped, but I think this will set a very positive momentum for the rest of the winter.

So I’ll have to leave my last post as uncompleted for a few more days. It’s probably good – after the retreat I’ll be clearer and more articulate (hopefully).

Well, best wishes for a beautiful weekend for everyone.

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