Life: work, school, work, school…

Life: work, school, work, school… February 15, 2006

Have I complained that I’m working too much lately? Well… The nice thing is that I have a job I love, and work with wonderful, wonderful people. That said, I’ll probably cut back a few hours here and there to focus more on classes.

I had wanted to get pictures about a month ago when the birds in the tree outside my window were eating the fermented berries on it. Apparently for them this is a yearly ritual. They eat the berries, getting terribly drunk, and then tease each other by playing chicken with my window. Sadly, from time to time, one fails to pull up over the building fast enough and smacks beak-first into the glass two feet from my head.

Luckily, this year that only happened once, and the guy survived as far as I could tell.

But when the birds aren’t around we do have the family of white-tail deer passing by from time to time. Sometimes one or more will eat grass in the front yard, just 8-15 feet from me. Occasionally they’ll look in at me. I’ll waive and they’ll go back to their forraging.

Today they were just passing through…

Where I sit I get gorgious sunshine in the afternoons. It’s such a blessing.

Here’s a pic my boss took of me at my work station. Our office is a converted house, and I work in what would be the dining room, with the kitchen behind me and the front door in front.

This is Main Hall, as the sun set and the moon rose, a week or so ago.

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