Too…. Busy…. to…. Blog….

Too…. Busy…. to…. Blog…. July 31, 2008
Me, trying to look smart (just in case….).

Being so busy is a good thing in many ways. Perhaps not in others, as I look fondly at my days in the fall of 2005, working hard on my MA thesis, no job, taking only one class at UM – exploring Ken Wilber, Hegel, Buddhist Ethics, and life….

A fledgling on Mount Sentinel (too young to fly, but too old to stay in the nest. I think we all know that feeling.)

Four fawns in the front yard (And there’s even a fifth just off to the left)

These days my life is consumed by:

  • work: – major programs begin tomorrow and roll non-stop for 10 days (so excuse me if I’m out of touch).
  • I’ve also delved deeply into studies and work on depth psychology, planning a talk at the University here in September and surely some blog posts in the mean time.
  • Buddhist practice. This week two of my “teachers” have been in town, the Reverend Master Zensho Robison from the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives, and Saramati, from the FWBO. Saramati is also Dr. Alan Sponberg, former UM professor of Buddhist Studies (the guy I filled in for a couple years back). So I’ve met with them, caught up, meditated, and planted seeds for future work.
  • Time with friends – movie nights (Kill Bill I and II with Jen and Patia), more movies (Roman Holiday with Robbie, Roxy, and Joey), and long talks with a lovely new house mate from Wales.
  • And of course, hikes, running, and otherwise staying fit.
What kind of flower is this?
Things I’m grateful for:
  • Time – Even though it goes oh so fast in these gorgeous summer days, it’s a blessing to have what we do. We should all try to waste a lot less of it.
  • Kindred Spirits yet again. In my explorations and growth in psyche, just as in spirit/meditation, it has been a great gift to meet people who have ‘been there, done that’ and are willing to lend a helpful word (or more) of advice. Sometimes it is in our toughest times that we connect most deeply with others and our bonds are most strongly forged.
  • Old friends and neighbors. At the wonderful little local grocery store tonight I ran into Brandon, a neighbor of mine from 2002-2004. It was great to see him and catch up briefly. He was my sister’s neighbor before that (I moved in to her apartment when she left) and we had shared some common friends, but we never really hung out. Yet it was great to reminisce about old times, old people we knew, and where we are now.
    About 2 minutes later I ran into two members of a Tibetan Buddhist Sangha I also practice with (it has been dormant this summer due to health issues/ other things). They both said how glad they were that I am back in town and we briefly planned some more projects for the fall and winter months….
    Just some perfect reminders of why I love this town, why it seems to be the perfect town for me, and that if/when I do leave, I should work hard to ensure that I end up someplace like this.
  • Good surprises / more opportunities. Like my life isn’t busy enough already, right? 🙂
  1. My slightly new job at the Ethics Center, the one I mentioned recently that will give me a 35% raise, now looks like closer to 45% thanks to HR requirements. As my boss said, we’ll have to make it worth the money. That is, I’ll have to work hard! 🙂
  2. Another publisher, Continuum Press, will be contacting me soon to comment on a book proposal by my friend and colleague over at Gloucestershire University in England. I think this is the next logical step in my path to being published:
    1. Mentioned in the acknowledgements of Raven Digitalis’ Goth Craft
    2. Getting featured in a book, the upcoming Vision Board, Unlock the Secret to an Extraordinary Life by Joyce Schwarz
    3. Commenting on the above mentioned exciting book proposal
    4. Hopefully Co-editing a book on religions and the golden rule/altruism as part of an upcoming grant project, and, finally –
    5. Writing my own magnum opus – perhaps something autobiographical/Buddhist or perhaps just getting my ph.d. thesis out there, we’ll see.
  3. Teaching – I don’t know how soon, but at the U, or perhaps at a nearby youth camp for troubled teens… and lastly,
  4. My boss mentioned in passing, but only in passing, that he might need to take a sabbatical to finish a book of his own, and that maybe, just maybe, I would need to step in as interim director of the Center for Ethics. Lots of maybes, and I’m sure some bureaucratic tangles to wade through, but a nice thing to think about nonetheless.

Alright, ’tis all for now – perhaps for a while…. May peace be with you all, and joy and gratitude amongst you and spreading ever outward.

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