Montucky – or falling from the family tree

Montucky – or falling from the family tree September 3, 2008

I got Kentucky Roots. Or at least my name does. Or at least sort of…

Kentucky, USA has the greatest concentration of Whitakers on earth. That’s right, go to Kentucky and you’ll be bouncing off Whitakers left and right, at a whopping 908.13 Whitakers per million people. With a population of about 4.2 million people, that means you’ll find around 4000 Whitakers in that state alone. Scary.

If you want to find deeper roots, and good tea, try crossing the pond and heading up north in England to Yorkshire and Humberside. There you will find a delightful and oh-so-proper 773.95 Whitakers per million people. Ah… now there are some roots worth exploring (sorry Kentucky, maybe some other time). There are even some Whitakers in Spain and Denmark… Hmmmm… travel ideas?

As an aside, last time I was in Spain I met up with a man who’s become a good friend, Daniel Montesinos who, as luck would have it, was being visited by a certain Daniel Montesinos. Dani #1 is Spanish and Dani #2 is from Holland I believe. There was no known relation, just a common name as a good excuse to travel and have a free couch to crash on. How cool is that?

Have a look for yourself.

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