From the journey home

From the journey home December 19, 2008

I’m back from Kansas now and it was lovely. I am blessed with a great family and just wish we weren’t all so spread out across the country. I’ll be sure to blog about the trip more soon, but for now here are a couple photos:

My grandparents: Nancy (Doyle) and Robert “Bob” Whitaker on their wedding day, June 16, 1946 – Both served in the U.S. Army in WW II.

Their four kids: Pat (my dad) and Bob, Mary and Kathy “Bidey” around 1965

My dad served in Vietnam and went on to work over 35 years (and still going) at the Post Office. My uncle trained as a Catholic seminarian before becoming a building contractor. My aunt Bidey followed her mom in becoming a nurse. And Mary, the youngest, is a teacher.

Posing for a photo-op: Bidey, Mary, Kathlene (Bob’s wife) and Veronica (my mom).
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